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The Anatomy of a Broken Heart…

By iya geli and nikko gueco

Is there any rule book in going about our lives. A  sort of guide to tell us the rights and the wrongs.  An ABC of what to do on certain situations. A step by step procedure for every situation we run into. A fool’s guide in dealing with our confusing lives . Our next step when we stop in this crossroads we tend to encounter.

We have fallen in love a lot of times, praying hard that it would be the perfect love story, the one person who would stand beside us and to hold our hand for the rest our lives, who’s also willing to take the risk for us. Oftentimes when we’re already sure of how perfectly the love story will go, they simply walk away from us leaving us empty and hollow.

Letting go seem to be very hard line to cross. Its hard enough to prepare to do it. Its hard as it is when you cross. And when you actually cross it we think that everything will be alright. Everyone will tell you that if you know it’s not working let go of it.  If they don’t love you anymore let go. But still when you let go its seems to be even harder. It seems to be more painful when you let go that when you were hanging on.

Loving someone who loves someone else. Another painful thing that has broken our hearts at least once in our lifetime. Its often more easy to love the one who loves  you. I even feel that would solve a lot of peoples problems. But we often would like to love the person who does not love us. Or in some cases some one who does not love us anymore.

Falling in love at the wrong place at the wrong time. Another of those hard challenges we could have come across in our lives. Falling in love with someone who is already committed. Or falling in love when you are committed.

Letting go of someone because you have fallen out of love for them. Realizing at the middle of a relationship that the person you are with is not the someone you are longing for. Falling out of love to person that you know loves you so much.

A struggling long distance relationship. Loving someone who is living so far away. The change in each other because of having a different environment. The slow and gradual drifting away from each other. The moment that you each other promise that would never come. But due to being so far apart from each other happens eventually.

The vivid memories, our lucid dreams, keeps us awake all night, we become kings and queens to details, leaving us with excruciating pain that only a person with a broken heart could feel.

All this situations and some more that we might have forget to say.

Will make you ask: Why is life so difficult? Why is life hard?  When all we want to do is love?

Where is the wrong,  where is the right in this situation.

They say that every little detail that happens to our lives has a purpose, it happens to teach us lessons, to strengthen our being. but when it happens to us why is it so hard to let go, to move on and to just accept things the way they are.

We love, we care, we give away our life to one person who mattered most to us and yet at the end of the day as we take our hearts out of our system we are left to study the anatomy of our broken heart.  It’s never hard to lay down our hearts to the person we love but the hardest part is to accept it back or to leave it there beating without purpose

I guess at the end of each day as you close your heart and hear your heart beat without purpose. We will realize that there is no guide no rules in going through the difficulties of our lives.  We all simply have to go through with it. And brave enough to face what’s  about to come. And hope that sooner or later are heart beats again with purpose….

One Comment on "The Anatomy of a Broken Heart…"

  1. Mary Jane A. De Andres on Wed, 27th Oct 2010 4:00 am 

    d article was so great!that’s the reality of life , everything is not permanent, you cannot choose the perfect person for you!Even if you think he’s the best but still your finding something that can complete your life!Nice!nice!Article!I love it so much!


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