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    It’s been 23 years since I’ve moved to Canada from the Philippines.  I remember that the first thing I looked for was a Filipino community paper so I can read some news about the community being new in Calgary.  I never found any Filipino community paper back in 1996. From them on I told myself that [...]

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Page added on December 26, 2011

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Concerts In Review – Paraded in Calgary last November

by:  Tata “Tatsky” Gascon-Delos Reyes


(Nov. 13, 2011)

Probably the next well-crowded Concert I’ve attended next to the stint that Jovit Baldovino and Yeng Constantino a few months back, was this one offered by Shadow Inc. Entertainment.  The sea of dominantly black-haired heads captured my eyesight on this night at the Century Casino Concert arena.  It is amazing how the Parokya Ni Edgar, Gloc 9, and Bamboo Concert proved that most Filipinos are truly musically-inclined species of humankind. There was so much cheers and applaud and striking band music enveloped the entire floor and walls of the venue.  What’s most acclaimed is that, the Producers managed to offer a couple of projector screens at both sides for the audience to cherish and enjoy the show.  I am greatly affected by the screams of many “kababayans” who patronize rock music as the performance of the rock band Parokya Ni Edgar emerged.  The more prominent is the awesome fast, yet entertaining and amazing talented Gloc 9. Dubbed as the fastest rapper in the Philippines, he speaks of life’s experiences that teach everyone lessons. If you are not a rap aficionado, this one won’t pass your taste buds. But hey!, he’s one good rapper alright.  Bamboo, was the last talent that showcased his appeal in singing. The group named after it’s front liner Bamboo Manalac was Philippine’s 2004 Best MTV awardees and their song “NoyPi” was truly embraced by all Filipinos in and out of our Archipelago. Overall, the Sunday night show was proof of Filipinos’ solidarity when it comes to local bands and music that depicts nationalism. Talents like what these men have are incomparable. New generation of artists that’s well-deserving of applaud.  Thanks Shadow Inc. Until your next offering…we shall be waiting.


(Nov. 26, 2011)

Offered by Pure Talents Entertainment Production’ Ellen Sarmiento & Espie Garcia, the November 26th Concert at the same venue Century Casino showcased 2 of the most popular TeleSerye and artists in Philippine movies of the new millennium. This was also backed up by a songstress who recently bagged the top place in local Philippine singing competition entitled

“Star Power”.  Our local talents, The Quenched Band, Mark Cunanan, Laurie Callao, Henry Ayeras, Angela Azardon, Ericka Omnas, and Alvin Zacharias who opened the show deserve commendation from me. They can be candidates to enter the business of Show if given the opportunity.  While most of the viewers are eager to see the shine in Coco Martin’s eyes, the appearance of sultry Maja Salvador who belonged to a family of movie personality captured many of the men’s attention.  Sexy sparkly outfit and fiery red lips, Maja was a sight. Although not a professional singer, she was able to entertain the viewers with her dubbed song and the CD cooperated well when mixed with her voice…the art of multiplex, plus the dancing skills, was simply awesome. Equally screamed at, was that of the new singing sensation Angeline Quinto, who came second in the line. The live singing voice and perfectly mastered songs were deserving of the hands that clapped almost endlessly. I have no qualms that indeed, she deserved that million-peso prize award.  What the viewers, especially the women of all ages, was really waiting for was the emergence of the new sensation in Philippine dramas and cinema offerings, Coco Martin, who shared that he has close ties with Fil-Albertans and the province of Alberta itself.  The story-telling captured everyone’s attention for he was once a participant employee of the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Work Program) by the Canadian government. Deployed in Lethbridge in 2008 for 9 months, Coco returned to the Philippines to pursue his acting career instead. Although the multiplex technology of the CD he brought did not go well, there was no doubt he is the next generation Christopher de Leon of the Philippine Cinema. Overall, the concert may not have all the perks of a fancy stage presentation nor the additions of overhead projectors, I say, thumbs up Pure Talents for giving our “kababayans” a thrilling night.


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