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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  HAPPY THREE KINGS! As we are now in 2019, new year, new beginnings, new challenges and  new opportunities.  Everyone is entitled to make their new year’s resolution for as long as they keep it in mind and make sure that they do it to the best of their ability.  When I was young [...]

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Page added on January 30, 2013

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2013 Is Everybody’s Year

by: Glynn Labial Galla

The year 2013 is the year of water snake, according to the Chinese calendar it shows that people born in this Chinese zodiac has certain luck awaits them.There are also other signs that corresponds and connects with the snake year and there are some signs that they are not compatible with the snake and must be cautious according to the zodiac readings.

Feng shui also suggest that in order to attract good energy and great fortune, you must put a water element on the north part of your place; water and telecommunication businesses are this year’s great venue to invest to. While one Internet website is also forecasting that emerald green is this year’s colour; wearing or having something green in you, will bring positive and good luck as well.

Nothing to lose if we will believe on these. But are these really true and relevant nowadays? Some people are really into this kind of beliefs they are hopeful that by following these myths and superstitions, their lives would be better. I’m not against to it however, I’m more convinced that with our hard work, patience and perseverance we can attain what we really want.

Citing an example that wearing green coloured shirt would attract good and positive vibes. Green is a great colour and attractive, but if your longing for a better results, either you are looking for a new job or finding a perfect match, would not seems to fall into place, you must do something in order that green coloured shirt will work. And when you put a glass of water in the most north part of your place, your income will be better, however for you to have a good income you must know how to handle your money, you must know what to prioritize and budget your earnings.

As the saying goes “If you think you can, then you can. But if you can’t, then you are right.” It just implies to us that if we just think positive and set goals to attain it, then it is not impossible to achieve. Some people are thinking that if they were born in the year that is not compatible with the water snake, it will not be their year. Pessimistic thinking surely attracts negativity and more so all your aspirations and hopes will not be realized because your not fortunate enough due to wrong thinking.

2013 is our year, if we really want to make it happen. If the year that past wasn’t that good for you, then you can make a difference this year. New Year’s resolution is a good practise for us but we must live with what we want to achieve this year.

For example, one thing that is so common for a New Year’s resolution is to “LOSE WEIGHT”. It’s very easy start but it is really hard continue and stand for it until we reach our goal. Losing weight takes a lot of sacrifices and discipline. With the positive outlook and eagerness to do it, then it possible. Positive outlook means you really have to watch your diet. Less calories, high in protein, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle are few of the things that an optimistic mind can have. Continuing this until you reach you goal is so fulfilling and rewarding that you were able to achieve your resolution this year.

It is our year, if we think that way. Many of us wants to change things that they think they made some mistakes or wrong choices on the previous year. They want to straighten and correct or even make it better this year. Making some list is so helpful so you can outline whatever areas that needs to be improve and done. Let us not limit ourselves of what others are saying. Let us not be sealed with old thoughts and whatever is written, we are the one who is making our own destiny, we are the one who is responsible of any actions we are undertaking. Chinese zodiac, Feng shui and many others are only guide to us and not the main epitome of our success.Our destiny and our future is truly depend in our hands.

2013 is not the only year of the water snake, it is also our year. Let us claim it. We can make a difference, be positive in anything you do. Be optimistic on such challenges that we might encounter, because for what ever great things we want to achieve, luck and fortunes are just auxiliary, our attitude and faith will still be our tool in attaining it.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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