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Erwinism: A Year of New Perspective

Posted By nenette On January 19, 2017 @ 8:55 pm In Views and Opinions | No Comments

By Erwin Maramat

“The day you decide to do it is your lucky day”

Japanese Proverb

We are back to point A: the exact place where the Earth embarked on a carousel journey around its star.  Two things are certain; first, there is really no new year—there are only changing seasons, and being all and doing all that we could from sun up to sun down or vice versa—and the other is that life cannot be limited by a calendar. Progress is not evident in the number of days we have taken to improve our lives, but how we have raised our standards and have gradually met those expectations. In this tittering tough economy, which in short supply of chances, we often find ourselves in desperate need of change—some loose change in our pockets and change in our lives. If anything we have to burrow deep down ourselves and take our life-changing resolutions seriously and make a breakthrough of discovering our potential.

It starts with being truthful to ourselves; truthful that if we have been in the same cycle as the previous years means that we have consciously failed and blatantly betrayed ourselves which is sad and insane; of all the people in our lives, it is lying to the man in the mirror the most pathetic thing we can do. If you can’t trust your own self, then who can you? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool yourself, now that’s a million-dollar trick! The only thing you can draw out for lying to yourself is disappointment in yourself. It’s a lose-lose situation. There is something in lies that people find comforting; it is the sense of false security. People willfully embrace deception until they see it as the truth consequently obscuring their judgment, so spare yourself the theatrics and come out clean. Now is a good time to take whatever resolutions we have seriously and prove that we are for real.

“Raise your standards,” says Tony Robbins in his 2017 resolution pep talk on YouTube. He stated according to statics say that 95 percent of the people break their resolution by January 15th. This is accounted to the fact that most of the wants we have for ourselves is not as compelling.  The only way we can see progress, if we were to keep our resolution, and we achieve this by raising our standards.  Change your ‘should’ to ‘must’ and eventually you’ll find a way.

Replace the word ‘luck’ with ‘blessing.’ At our age, we should know by now fairy tales are obviously not real. We live in a world governed by quantum mechanics through the grace of God. Real or not, we must (take note I am using the modal ‘must’ here) give credit to whom it is due. If we are pushing ourselves into becoming the best version of ourselves we could possibly be, then why would luck be a factor to our success. While it is true that math and physics can’t always predict the precise outcome, it’s quite obvious that if we work hard you get what you deserve. If you are given an opportunity it is a blessing.

“You are lucky, you got promoted.”

“Nope, I am blessed.”

“You are lucky you didn’t get hurt.”

“Not luck, it was a blessing.”

“You are lucky it didn’t happen.”

“There is a reason why we don’t say luck in disguise right? Nope, it’s a blessing.”

One of the greatest leap we can take is the leap of faith and hope that it’s the harness of blessing that will keep us alive and not some dumb luck. Teehee! that was funny.

If we invest hope in our hearts and effort in our action, opportunities in our lives will never run out of stock and this is not just a lip service by starry-eyed visionaries; it has always been the mindset of those who go far in life. Having the right mindset complements having a firm resolve to accomplish something. That’s what resolution is all about; to see that there is progress in us because we willed it to happen and not owing to dumb luck. Teehee, there it goes again. What is with me and luck? Nothing, I’m just blessed not to be. Happy New Year Everyone!

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