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Erwinism: Life Lessons from the Road Frequently Traveled

Erwinism: Life Lessons from the Road Frequently Traveled thumbnail

By: Erwin “Dundermifflin” Maramat

Firstly, I’m sorry I missed it, it’s a month late but Happy 10th Anniversary Pinoy Times and congratulations to Ma’am Connie for her excellent work all these years. I would also like to acknowledge my favorite contributors here namely Tigs Tidalgo, Ms. Chit Munar, Steve Tarzwell and Roberto Ugaddan for all the wonderful articles published. More power everyone.

Our souls serve as an Airmiles card. We collect memory points to vividly reminisce them in the days when they matter most: when we are gray and old, when our weary bodies embrace cellular senescence; when our youth is nothing more than just a petrichor—an after scent of the rain from days gone by.  While we are rooted in the now, there is something about the road that draws us as though we were moths to the flame.

Striking the iron while it’s hot wouldn’t suffice, we ought to put the pedal to the metal and set the road ablaze while Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to be Wild’ blare out of the speakers leaving our spirits adrenalized.

Leave the Road Untamed

Life is not just a long journey; it is also the very road that one takes. Sometimes you find yourself betrayed by devious, winding routes that take you nowhere or lead you to dead ends, yet despite of it all, your unwavering faith and unfaltering resolve steered you back in the arms of grace. Sometimes you find yourself mustering all the courage you can gather inside you to go through a stormy weather until you ultimately find yourself in the clear—the road warrior remains; relentless and soldiering on. There are days the road is turned into gold by the radiant sun charmingly hovering above an attractive cause for you to roll down the window or take top down to let the breeze caress you and let it sweep your worries away. There are days when must yield to give way to others who are making their way to find somewhere in the horizon, and days when we come across a loud, proud stop sign that hands us the chance to witness the world go by as we reflect on journey we’ve taken.

GPS for the Lost

“Having lost our way, sometimes its not finding the road to redemption that saves us, it’s finding ourselves that does”.

—Erwin D. Maramat

All the woes and odds drag us away at times. We carelessly lose sight of our path occasionally, nobody is perfect, we are just perfectly imperfect. It is then that we must seek out the map that our cartographer heart has given us to redirect us and show us the path to least resistance. Recalculating! Your heart; your hope and instilled values by luminaries that sired you serve as a moral compass; a GPS device powered by the voice of Morgan Freeman, so that you may find your way back.  Recalculating!

Change Oil

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

– Maya Angelou

A vital routine maintenance is oil change to keep our road machines alive and those guys working at lube drive thru. From time to time, old oil is drained from the engine and replenished with a fresh batch. Lubrication is necessary to keep the moving parts working efficiently and much like our outlook. We have to keep our perspective fresh. Our outlook and feelings in part govern our attitude and it affects the way we live our lives; how we deal with our problems and how we socially engage people. Overtime, it becomes contaminated with impurities from the daily drag. The more we evolve, the more mature we become, and the more mature we become the easier it for us to access logic.

Take the Wheel and Drive

Since its primitive inception, the wheel has been, if not, the most important invention by humans after Facebook and Instagram. It was a turning point in our history which meant no more dragging heavy loads for horses and ahem. . . slaves back in the days. It has set the world in motion and has carried us everywhere. Year after year, a new generation of automobiles flood the market and people line up to get into debt—I mean to get into them. The wheel is there to be under your control and take you where your heart longs to be. We often let the annoying backseat driver do the driving for us and as a result we feel that we are living someone else’s life. Our destiny is not predetermined, and the responsibility falls on us to drive ourselves where we desire. Life is way too short, but the road ahead is way too long.

Deer in the Headlights

In the dark, we are but a nonplussed herd of deer turning the highway into a catwalk.  Surely the future is bright, and it comes uninvited, it could either lead to a promising or a miserable life. Sometimes we see tragedy looming from a mile which provides us ample time to get out of harm’s way and avert danger instead we take it for granted and soon enough we find ourselves caught in a dilemma, we try to bring ourselves to safety but it’s too late.  We can’t stare at the headlights as though we were juveniles kissed by serendipity and finding love and lust for the first time, we must brace ourselves.

Speeding Trap Myth

There is no such thing as a speed trap. Officers are simply doing what they are paid to do, and that is keeping everyone safe. When people get pulled over for speeding, whose fault do you think is it? How many times have they have gotten off the hook? And of the infinite times they had, they still have the nerve to complain. That one defining moment when they are caught, they feel that their right to be reckless; hence, stupid, is violated. There are repercussions and consequences which are direct results of unwise and uninformed choices, it eventually catches up. Next time you get pulled over, thank the officer for saving countless lives including yours.

Life 500

I once came across a sign that reads, “He who dies with most toys wins.” The human race is in a rat race and for what?  To amass things that is utterly useless once they have outlived their trend; to obtain titles that no one will remember once they bite the dust; to hoard earthly objects that are us empty as their intent. We fail to remember the reason why we drive: to get from point A to B, but that’s never enough, we are addicted to that rush. To our detriment, reaching our destination in one piece is never enough, we opt to be a blur until our very existence becomes a blur. In our rush sometimes, we fail to see the beauty of God’s creation. Picture this; you, old, recounting your life experience to your grandchildren or caregivers who are pretending to listen, you could tell them, “Back in the days I drove 160 kilometers down on the highway and left everyone in the dust,” or “I remember the beautiful lakes of Alberta, I was taking a cruise one day when I saw this beautiful swan of a lady stranded on the road waiting to be rescued from a flat tire misfortune, and that’s how I met your grandma.” Awwww! A Nicholas Spark waiting to happen.

Engine and Mileage

We can only go as far as we are driven. At some point, the engine breaks down and not even our insurance broker can nurse us back to life. Cellular senescence happens to us. In the same way the engine fails; so too our body; so too our mind—sad but nevertheless true. Reflecting on something inevitable as the engine life, it is worth noting that it’s not so much the drive taken but the memories created by those drives we took.


Road rage is avoidable if we uphold the value of sharing and graciousness on the road. It won’t kill you to lose a few seconds to let others merge; it won’t be your loss to yield and let others pass, so why can’t you? That’s life, we often let our mouth do the driving, we take offense in the pettiest things, but we could learn to manage our temper and be a gracious host not only on the road but in all facets of life. It is hard to do; however, it’s doable. To be forgiving and mature is already taking the high road and that road often leads to good things. Summer is almost over, and we might as well enjoy all those lovely sunny drives while we can.


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