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Erwinism: The New Year Cliché

By Erwin D. Maramat

If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill cliché, then this article for not for you, perhaps you can read such things elsewhere, but it’s most unfortunate to warn you of such woe that this is not one of them. It’s no accident that you are seeing this upside down, it’s meant to tell you that at times, breaking the cycle of a debilitating habit isn’t as bad because it pays to different sometimes.

We can kick off this year by being as truthful and honest to ourselves as we possibly could. Truthful and honest? Aren’t those synonyms? Well, being truthful is stating something based on facts, while being honest is giving an opinion without inhibition, so have we all been truthfully honest?  If not, then let’s begin from there.

What do we hope to gain? Nothing really, except that proximity matters between truth and freedom. I came across a story employing the element of personification to get its point across and it didn’t disappoint, and it goes like this:

Truth went down to a stream one day and undressed for a cool refreshing swim. While Truth was swimming, a Lie came along and took off his clothes and stole the garments that belonged to Truth. The Lie dressed himself in the garments that belonged to Truth. The Lie paraded himself through the streets of the city dressed as Truth; a lie dressed up like the truth. Many of the people were impressed with the Lie. The Lie was so splendid and beautiful. He looked and sounded wonderful. A lie dressed up like the truth.

When Truth stepped out of the water and found his clothes had been stolen, Truth had to make a choice. He saw the garments the Lie had left behind. Truth said to himself, “I’d rather walk around naked than to walk around as a Lie. I’ll just have to be what I am; the naked Truth”.

We have been programmed to find comfort in lies to an extent that we believe our own lies, but if we are honest, we will find the things in us that we need to work on and that’s a bold step in making this year’s resolution possible. If we are aware of what the problem is, then we can finally give help to ourselves that we deserve. Maybe it’s time to let go of the lies and face the truth for a change.

Picture yourself naked basking in the warmth of inhibition’s absence. Imagine yourself as an unlimited consciousness and travel across time long before the birth of malice in Eden. What do you see? Is it a place where truth thrives and where fabric isn’t the basis of character? Maybe it’s time to come clean so we may comprehend how it is to be free.

…And if we were ever broken, there is a promise of something better in stored ahead to mend us back in shape, yet we nestle behind lies where it’s snug and where we continuously make fools of ourselves with promises that so few of us intend to keep. Lies create a refuge where we can feel safe because there is a disquieting prospect of uncertainty that looms in the inconceivable future, yet it’s inevitable that we must brave the vicious, devious path. Maybe it’s time for action over resolution.

There isn’t really a new year; it’s just that we are exactly at a point we were three hundred sixty-five days ago where a helium-fueled star is shining on top. It’s the heart in all of us that is longing for change, for a fresh start, for a reboot. Maybe it’s high time to stop looking forward to expecting this year to bring us luck; maybe it’s time that we brought luck to the year, more so with our lives. We ought to light the firework in all of us to ward off the bitterness on which we have been investing our energy and time.

Seasons come, and seasons go and yet we are stuck with same attitude. When the clock strikes twelve at midnight instead of waiting for the old year to leave, why not look back with gratitude in our hearts for the lessons it has taught us and let it take our old selves with it for keepsakes and wherever it may when we send it off. Maybe it’s time for us to wake up as someone we have been dreaming of becoming.  Maybe it’s time to trust ourselves.

A shift in perspective can make a world of a difference. Letting go is not just limited to saying goodbyes and closing doors; it also brings about something as pronounced as saying hellos and opening new doors, and more important, it is about opening ourselves to possibilities that we have been deliberately denying ourselves for so long.

It has less to do with regaining control, but more on being in harmony with reality. It’s not simply gathering pieces of we; rather, it’s gathering peace and giving ourselves the opportunity to be whole again. It is an opportunity to make room for the present, so we may shape it into the future we so desire and letting the past be because it takes up so much space in our lives. It is more than just forgiving ourselves, it is returning the trust we have stolen from ourselves in a desperate attempt to bend reality. The truth is reality bends us in most of the time.

The mind is a programmable matter endowed with consciousness.

Your name isn’t you. It was given to you to solicit a response from you. Unlike the insipid notion that your name has meaning, it is your temperament, the decisions that you make and the choices you take that attribute a tangible definition to your name. Words are woven by the mouth to express and communicate a thought and although apparent, it is but a sound that creates a thought in another and your name is a word, but not who you truly are.

The mind is a programmable matter.

How we are nurtured predisposes how we react to uncontrolled circumstance, and yet it is we, who have the power to influence the outcome. In our youth, our beliefs are formed for us and the world is created according to how other people would want us to live it. We are groomed to become creatures of habits; a breathing pattern to be predicted and analysed; a patterned susceptible to judgement twisted and manipulated to subservience. We become a predictable pattern in sync with other patterns.

The mind is a programmable matter.

There is a glitch in the program—an anomaly that only the untainted mind is cognizant. Others are manufactured, primed, and placed in line on a conveyor belt, so when they think out of the box, they won’t realize the box is inside a larger box and they are shipped away to a point of no return. The mind is a programmable matter, and this is how we become clichés.

We are names that create predictable patterns. Patterns that are quantified and turned into statistics and in turn we become faceless numbers that become expendable.

One day you will wake up to the sound of a bleep. . .your free trial has expired. Many people fall for free gifts; it’s a moron’s oxymoron; a gift is supposedly free, otherwise it’s not a gift. We owe it all to advertising pioneer Claude C. Hopkins who is responsible for helping identify cues in people to develop habits that generate longitudinal habits.  Tricked into taking an ill-advised course of action, nothing more addictive than gullibility—in a modern sense of the word, we are suckers for click bait.

Oh no, not another conspiracy theory!!! Really??? Do you really think that media manipulation is just an overheated figment of the imagination? If you are unaware, open your minds, it’s a must to be aware. Just as our minds were moulded when we were children, so too by media manipulation, so too by our environment because our minds are programmable matters and if our minds are programmable shouldn’t we be the ones behind the keyboard punching in the codes?

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

― Franz Kafka

Words are meaningless unless with definition. Words transcend their purpose when there is a voice that lifts them. We were given the gift of voice, but so many of us choose what to say in fear that we may offend the sensibilities of others. My teacher once remarked, “If you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all.” This was after when I have pointed out that she misspelled the word ‘misspelled.’ It was not my intention to insult her, but she took it the wrong way, the way most people take things out of context, they read into things that is as straightforward as they could possibly be, and just because I was being truthful doesn’t mean I wanted to humiliate her. If there is a voice that powers the pen with thoughts, then it must flow freely, uninhibited by the rules designed to pacify the truth. When everyone is attempting to be right, it is then that we shouldn’t be afraid to be wrong.

Words transcend their purpose when there is action that incarnates them in reality. The most mellifluous of words are those of which that appeals to our senses.

“If you don’t want to be stuck as a cliché then by all means have the will to change. Keep changing, keep reinventing, and keep evolving for the better. Numbers by popular consensus don’t make a wrong thing right, and if you are misunderstood for being, don’t be afraid because they are not yet in the right time zone.”

―Erwin D. Maramat

This is probably the most incoherent piece you’d ever read but take it with a grain of salt and find wisdom in yourself to understand what the point is. Happy New Year.


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