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TIGS CORNER: Our Filipino Community in Calgary

By: Tigs Tidalgo

Part 3 of 3: Organization.
We don’t need rocket science to tell us why the Filipino community in Calgary lags badly behind the leading big four immigrant groups. We are now the biggest cultural community in the city and still we can’t put our act together. What is with other communities that we don’t have? This is the question often asked by kababayans, more so from the newly arrived ones. It is a difficult question to answer.

It was not on what we did that caused it. It was on what we didn’t do. We seemed to ignore the fact that to be recognized as a community, we must first have one legal responsible entity to manage.

What we have today are multi facet groups with specific areas of interest, where purpose and composition are individually different from each other. We are moving in different direction that no one can ably claim to represent the entire community itself. It is not enough to venture into something commonly useful.

Our current community umbrella by-llaws is still comprised with people from associations. It is no longer effective. It was okay in the past when we were not so many. Today, it becomes a tiny fraction of the whole community population. Regardless of its merit and historical significance, it is no longer enough to carry the load of 75,000 Filipinos. We have to find something that is over and beyond the present set up. This is where our community’s march to progress begins.

I tried to look for ideas in the same manner as to our senior’s before. I selected a number of Filipinos in our community and invited them individually for coffee or lunch. From casual conversation, I asked just one question:


I listened well to their openions at coffee shops and restaurants after my daily morning walk at Marlborough Mall. It took me three months to finished it. I learnt a lot. I chosed ten of them and two current leaders to have a productive heart to heart forum at Marlborough Community Center. I called them as the Magnificient Dozen.

It was through individual opinions and a little of my experience too, that I spent my time in writing the proposed constitution or by-laws. It is now finished and ready to put it to use. It’s simply called The Filipino Leadership Association of Calgary. in short……FLACA.

The bylaws that I made is to amend the old one. It will manage effectively the Seven Areas of Responsibilities that were defined from the wisdom of selected Flipinos. These are results of my inquisitive to adequately update the present management set-up of our community.

The Seven Areas of Resposiblities (SAR) are the following:
(1) Social Content
(2) Business Content
(3) Political Content
(4) Youth Content
(5) Wellbeing of Filipinos
(6) Community Center
(7) Relation withFilipino Associations

Next year, on January 15, 2020 will be the golden anniversary of our community. We can look from fifty years back and into the present and compare our comunity with others. We can say that though we have gone a long way, somewhere and somehow, there are things that needs to be done.

This new revised format could be the system to start after our community’s golden anniversary. It will be something to dream on as to what could be at the centenial celebration fifty years from now. i believe that leaving them with a good start …. .our future leaders will do well.


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