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Erwinism: Inspiration from Desperation

Erwinism: Inspiration from Desperation thumbnail

How desperate are you?

Where there is desperation; there rests a sense of urgency. How many times have you heard the words, “you aren’t getting any younger? There is a reason why people fester where they are; it’s either they are afraid to risk leaving their comfort zones, fearing that if they were to abandon it, they would lose their security or they think they have unlimited number of chances under the guise of another day.

That is perfectly normal, so it seems. Since the day our consciousness was born, we have been taught to respond to external stimuli to move us. We draw motivation from our circumstance and the expectations that our significant others hold of us. Most children clean their rooms as not to anger their parents. They study hard because that’s what is expected of them, not that they like it.  We are no different as adults, we behave according to how the world expects us to behave and to achieve what we are predetermined to achieve.

As humans, we take comfort in the socially constructed bubbles to keep us safe, we are adamant to leave these comfort zones that sometimes we fail to see to see that they are keeping us inside. We are so attached to the things that make us belong that if we lose these things, we feel hopeless, only because we are line ourselves with the injunctions of our external stimuli. Take away all the trinkets a man possess and see how worthless he would feel.

Mankind at its most desperate is often at its best.

~Bob Geldof

They are stuck in a situation and that’s the best excuse that people come up with all the time. In a place designed for people to flourish, one is likely to find someone who despite unlimited access to opportunities will still choose to gripe about life and sustain that debilitating attitude for a long period of time. Still, there are those who are disadvantaged who against the odds will come up on top. It’s not that people are trapped that they cannot go places, it’s because they are stuck inside themselves. Being rooted to limiting beliefs keeps people from ever growing and hoarding the same outlook blinds them from ever seeing beyond their assigned horizon. Without self-awareness and in conjunction with them being programmed that way; problems are perceived as norms—A fact that we cannot change what we cannot see; we cannot transform what we don’t know exists.

If something exceptional was to come of our lives, we have to be desperate enough to change.

How desperate are you?

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
~Narcotics Anonymous

It’s no secret; words cannot furnish our reality; only action does that. Humans need to be kinetic for their assets to be more than just potential. People are confined in a perpetual loop with the thinking that one day life will take a different turn. We have to act, and we act we must in the right way for the right reason.

We have the same problems because we emulate people who live life with the same maxim, and they were conditioned to follow the same methods and the same set of rules. We have what our friends possess because they too must have what they observe as normal. To challenge the monotony of the designed life, we must suspend our perception of life as dictated by mainstream megatrends.

Some choose to act; others to be helpless. Helpless, people come up with excuses for their helplessness to be justifiable. Many people elect to stay broken because they relish the attention that goes with it. I have an acquaintance who in many years have developed the art of storytelling to conceal his emptiness, but he reeks of lies and everyone can sense it. He has been keeping his stories alive for so long that he is unable to reconcile it with reality. Sad really, but that’s what living in a bubble does.

The desperate usually succeed because they have nothing to lose.

~Jodi Picoult

Do you ever wonder how desperation inspire people to defy the impossible? At some point one person got tired of walking, and boom! Cars and planes were invented. Just recently our Toronto Raptors were so desperate to win the much-coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy and shazam! Hoping to outshine the Soviet Union in the space race, America were the first to set foot on the moon.  The underdogs toppled the Golden State Warriors. Do you remember the time you were somewhere, and you wanted to move here in Canada? Viola! You made it happened.

Nothing pushes people more than desperation does. The logic is simple because there is no other option but to overcome the odds. Upon arriving in Veracruz, Mexico in 1519, Captain Hernán Cortés ordered his men to burn their ships to imply that there is no retreat and that their only choice was to succeed in their conquest. Although history has been retold in the point of view of these merciless conquistadors who did nothing but pillage and murder, we can draw out inspiration from their vivacity to prosper.

As soon as you wake up remember this; be grateful for the gift of a new day. While you are complaining for a day to end, someone, somewhere is praying to be given one more. Being there is much better than lottery. We may have been endowed with a timeline but where it ends is a great mystery; therefore, have a sense of urgency to make something of yourself. Work hard on reaching your goals.

Do not stagnate yourself. People often choose to lock themselves up in a job to sustain themselves, nothing wrong with that except sometimes they work hard expecting to be rewarded, but what they are really doing is inviting to be exploited. Be desperate in choosing that life that you deserve.

If not for the skin we wear, then who are we? Beneath the layers of ectodermal tissue, what archetype is driving the mortal vessel? In the short life span that we have as humans, we upload memories in real-time, what we make of those moments utterly defines how we are living our lives. Be desperate to do good and be good. Eventually that is the only thing that matters and worth bringing wherever we are headed.

To be ahead of the game means to collapse our timelines by being committed to doing more and by planning ahead. Those who design blueprints of their actions appear to be graceful because they know what they are doing and that’s the reason why you have to be desperate to have a plan.

We wait for things to move us, but we ought to move things. Inspiration must come from within. If a person truly believes in himself, he can tap this power whenever or wherever he chooses. What you hold inside never depreciates long after you have nothing, so be desperate to inspire yourself.

Egos aside, you are capable of achieving anything. You are already creative and capable so it’s now a matter of you pushing yourself in desperation. Now with audacity and tenacity, you will have the strength and with strength in character, you must do more than just change; you must evolve. Evolve through maturity and seek to understand. Remember that the door of opportunity will not widen itself for you, it is you who must learn how to bend to get through. Until next month, have a wonderful summer.


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