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Erwinism: A Whip to the Fire

By Erwin Maramat

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Bill Keane

“Never mind those thermal jackets, I don’t want steaks fresh off the fridge.” Imagine the lives of hominids prior to the discovery of fire or if you lack the penchant for nostalgia, think about instances of a power outage; birds come flocking to squabble in the dark hoping that their sentiments would fall on someone’s ears who is in a relative predicament as they. The world is in chaos when plunged into darkness. Yet, it is strange to hear remarks about people missing the good old days—bitterly, the dark ages. Much of this ancient lifestyle of mud and darkness is still a vicious reality in so many parts of the world.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Mother Theresa

“I miss the good old days,” says a friend, a rueful comment which rouses no interest in me but the cringe visible in my face. The truth is that he misses being young, but I’m in doubt about the sincerity of reliving those times and he can miss it as much as wants, but expired time is safe where it belongs. I believe in moving forward and looking at the past for recollection and reflections sake. From a distance, the past seems colorful, but today is the greatest day of our lives.

Life is simple back then and very difficult to say the least. Step inside the DeLorean with me as Dr. Emmett Brown or the living ghost of Christmas past who will point out the beauty of history.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“Pfffttt!” You are in the middle of nowhere, you reach deep in your pocket to check your location except you have no mobile device to do so. You are left with no option but walk aimlessly on an unpaved road wallowing in mud here and there. You check your wrist to see count how many steps you have taken except there’s no smart watch there. After many hours, you come upon a small house and knock on the door. A man opens the door puzzled as to who you are, so you introduce yourself and divulge that you are from the future. He chokes cackling at your remarks, but smiles and you can see missing teeth, but he invites you to come in. He calls his wife but gets no response so he apologizes stating that she must be washing the clothes. You are offered a seat and as he turns the TV on. All you can see are squiggly lines as if you were suffering from scintillating scotoma, so he toggles the antenna until a blurry image appears and he says, “there you go.”

“May I use your computer?”

“We don’t have one. That thing is worth a fortune and only big companies and the military have them. Do you need to type something?”

“May I use your phone?”

“Sure, just don’t make any long-distance calls.”

Finally, his wife enters the room and introduces you as a guest, she offers you a glass of water and as you glance into the glass you see visible residue and you ask her, “where did you get this?”

“I need to send a text message…errr…I mean I need to send an email…errr…mail.”

“Sure, I can take you to the post office where you can drop the letter off. If you send it on express the person will receive it in a few months.”

“What??? Is that their no other way? Is there no way to track it?”

“A telegram will do the trick, but the message must be short…and tracking, what’s that?”

The man offers you a ride. As you and he start driving away, he lights a cigarette and you politely ask if he could put it out. You educate him on the dangers of smoking and the hazard that second-hand smoke brings, and he laughs at you and states that doctors are just trying give tobacco companies a hard time. He coughs and wheezes the of which is a harbinger of many-a dreadful bouts of agony. You shake your head in disbelief and decide to change the topic. You ask him what his wife does for a living. He tells you that because she is a woman, she is better off taking care of the house. You say, “wow, that’s ignorant.”

“Humor me child, what is the future like?”

“In the future there are millions of ways to communicate. Internet has made our lives easier. Playstations and Xboxes have more computing power than the supercomputer used by the military in the nineties. Teens who aspire to be stars are offered platforms to advertise to the rest of the world. We get to choose movies, tv shows, music and video games through streaming. Logistics is rapidly changing, and we have the option of shopping online. Many countries are relying on intellectual capitalism and the voice of the people is amplified in high definition. The values you know is evolving along with life. We are now exploring the possibility of tabletop fusion and science has dramatically grown compared to all the centuries combined and this is just the beginning.”

He smirks and says, “what about the past?”

“I will be remiss not to remind you that much of history is tainted with the blood of the innocent, but it has also paved the way for change. The past can either be a scar or a fleeting memory, but it is there to remind us that what had happened was real. The past glowers at Janus. Baring it’s razor-sharp fangs, but the two-faced god keeps the gates under watchful eyes. For the past belongs to the past and the future is unwritten. Their dichotomies is filtered through the gates of the present”

As you step out of his car. Dr. Emmett Brown zips by and drag you back into the DeLorean. “Great Scott, you might cause a time paradox. Let’s go back to the future.”

He drops you in front of your house and you find your friend sitting on the porch step. He looks up to you and says, “I miss the good old days.”


“It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one.”

George Harrison

Foreword in Retrospect

The past is behind us for a reason. It is over. It serves as a foundation of the present so that it may transform the future. The past is a reminder how far we, humans, have accomplished. No species have artificially terraformed the planet and customize its habitability for everyone save for us and holding in the same regard, we are responsible for the extinction of innumerable species and its impending destruction. The winds of change has also inadvertently spread the disease of ignorance which is further amplified or catalyzed by political propagandas to serve no one but a faction in our societies. It proliferates into a tempest of hatred. More than ever, we must be vigilant in securing the future and continuity of the human race. The small steps we take in addressing these issues constitute in the drive to save us all and the evaluation of its premise is of prime importance.”


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