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Page added on January 25, 2010

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By. Patrick Gueco

To rise from the ashes of the fire we have created.

The phoenix legend says was one of its kind, as there could only be one phoenix at a given time. When it became old it died in the middle of flames and then it revived from its ashes, and this was the only way that a new phoenix could appear. (

A fresh start, a new beginning. To right our wrongs. A second chance.  Don’t we all long for this?  A moment to change what is the present. An instance enveloped with hope to a better you in the end.  Like a phoenix rising from its ashes.

New Years’s resolution. An activity that most people are plagued with. At the start of every year people engage in this often frustrating ritual of having a resolution. As the first of January draws near you could start to hear people saying last stick of cigarette, last  slice of pizza, last enormous meal, last plate of rice, etcetera, etc.. and lots more of last this last that. Every year people think about this. Squeeze their minds, think of all the possibilities of a new persona. Some people even go to the extent of creating a list. Some even try to convince others to be their partner in crime. It’s as sure as the sunrise the morning of the new year the battle begins.

But time and time again we overcome by our habits before you know it you are back to the usual things  again. It maybe week a month after or the next day even. Sadly this is true. This often happens.

On the other side of the coin  those who have the will power to succeed  do reach their goals. Those of us who have failed would never know the happiness and fulfillment that these winners feel. They planned, did it and finished it. And I bet you even they can tell you it was not easy. It was such a struggle that they would be lying if they say they never thought of quitting. In the long run the happiness at the end is priceless. Ultimately worth all the sacrifice. Ika nga nila “ its all in the mind”. Well “kudos!” to the few who actually fulfill their resolutions. All my praises to you. You have achieved the impossible if  I may say.

In the end there are those who sometimes feel the futility of having resolutions. That’s why there are those who never even bother. Can you really blame them. I don’t think it’s fair to judge them as a very negative kind of person. The way I see it, they just don’t want to get frustrated in the end. Understandable hindi po ba?

Is it another mystery of being human, ang pagahangad ng panibagong sarili. Well it’s not a mystery that one of the goals of every human being is a betterment of oneself. In everything we do in the end the goal is to make ourselves better. No matter what we are doing. No matter who we are actually doing it for. In the end,  we do it to bring ourselves over to the next level. Selfish as it may sound everything we do is for ourselves. Even those things that you say you are doing for someone else. Ask yourself why do you do it.

No matter what your choice is to have or not to have a resolution. After all this our desire to be a better person overcomes everything. So may it be the start of the year or the middle of the day. Strive to be a better you I guess yun ang ultimate resolution. Resolution lang ha. Hindi new years resolution because there will be no start. Just the end. A better person when you look at the mirror.

Do away with all your ghost from the past.

Overall the way I see it its just a simple challenge to oneself. Sabi nga nila “pag gusto may paraan pag ayaw maraming dahilan.”

Lets me end this article with a simple message from a dear friend of mine. Entitled “goodbye 2009”

—It was really a tough year for me. It has been a roller coaster ride. But I’m glad that I was able to manage everything with the help of my wonderful family and friends… I want to thank each and every one who stayed with me through my tough times… For guiding me in keeping my both feet on the ground. It was really a crazy year. Every time I look back… my eyes get teary because I realized that I made it through and I was able to manage my own mistakes… It’s another year for me to start and doing the same mistakes again is not allowed… I want to thank again the people who just stayed with me through my joy, pain and anguish… words cannot express my gratitude but still I want to thank you for making my 2009 complete. .Happy 2010! cheers for love and happiness! Much love.— by Dianne Mendoza.

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