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Page added on July 20, 2010

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Pinoy Ito – Anong Say Nyo?

COMMENTARIES, EXPECTATIONS ETC… – On our newly elected President of the Republic of The Philippines –

Benigno “NoyNoy” Aquino

Compiled by Estrella “Tata” Delos Reyes

Claudine Cortes – Edmonton, Alberta

“Having Aquino as his last name is not enough, he has a lot to prove to gain our trust and confidence. Filipinos have to keep in mind why people voted for him in the first place. Was it because of his lineage, because of emotion, or because of a proven track record as a senator? If the answer is not the third one, then unfortunately the odds are stacked against him.”

Heidi Mangrobang-Limcolioc – Brockville, Ontario

“Filipinos made him President maybe because he truly deserve the position, he must prove it though. His perspective for change was formed early in life, make it happen..Democracy! He should be true to his words, as his campaign slogan says “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”…This is the perfect time to move on, but he can’t make it happen without the cooperation of the Filipino people.”

Victoria G. Lianko – Toronto, Ontario

“Pres. Noynoy Aquino seems to be very determined to lead the country out of poverty and political chaos it is in right now.  He still holds the trust, respect and hope of the Filipinos to ease their lives.  He is pretty straight forward on his comments during interviews.  Humble enough to admit that he and his cabinet members are still prone to commit  mistakes while adjusting to their new mandate.  Let us all think positive and help them with our prayers for the good of our country and all Filipinos! ”

Freddy Amigo – St. Paul, Alberta

“Actually its too early to tell something about our new president, but the way I heard back there in the Philippines, he’s starting to show some example that everybody should abide the law!!!…about expectation of course,  I want him to be a good public servant just like his parents, and I want him not to join the list of corrupt officials in the Philippine history…”

Daisy Ramirez – Calgary, Alberta

“1. He’s not corrupt
2. He’s people kind a guy
3. He’s raised by his parents bayan muna bago ang sarili
4. He’ll die saving the democracy just like his parents
5. Willing to give everything to help poverty
6. Prioritize education for the poor family that can’t afford it
7.Last but not the least is may takot sa diyos just like his parents
Ang yaman ng bansa ay para sa bansa, sa pinoy at hindi sa bulsa o anuman interes ng kaninuman. I think that is  what separate him to other past president.”


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