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Burning Fat and Weight Loss for Women

Why is it that women must work harder than men when trying to burn fat or lose weight?  It is generally true that losing weight and burning fat is more of a challenge for women than it is for men.  A recent article in the Globe and Mail by Tim Fraser explains why women must work harder.

The main reason is Muscle Composition. Men generally have more muscle mass than women.  Men usually have larger muscle fibres which contribute to a higher metabolic rate. This means it is easier for men to burn calories than it is for women, giving the men an advantage in quicker weight loss.  Research from Syracuse University shows that men’s muscle mass burns energy faster than women when they work out.  Unfortunately, women will need to watch their diet  more and exercise longer.

What can women do about it?

Women must NOT be afraid of weight training.  Women are usually afraid of bulking up – but women’s bodies aren’t designed to form large muscles; so they shouldn’t worry.  By building and developing lean muscle, women’s bodies will become more efficient at using fat for fuel, therefore helping in the fat burning/weight loss department.

The best combination for weight loss is to have a resistance training program, a cardiovascular conditioning program and having a healthy diet.

Weight loss is not a race and should be done safely and over time.  Women need to stay focused, be patient and set realistic goals.  Women should schedule in their workouts and develop a strong support team to share their goals with.  A support network will also help keep them on track.

Other things to keep in mind that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can bring – besides the number on the scale are:

  • Can lower blood pressure to help prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer
  • Help control blood sugar
  • Ease stress
  • Build confidence
  • Prevent injuries
  • Keep your bones strong

It may be tough, but it is possible.  Stay focused, set new limits, visualize, ask for help and finish strong!

Jay Raymundo – Certified Personal Trainer Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Pre-and-Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Fitness Kickboxing Specialist and MMA Conditioning Specialist.  Owner and Operator of NRG Fitness Inc. 403-630-1553


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