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Page added on January 26, 2011

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My Canadian Journey Part 1

by  Glynn Galla

We’ve always dream to travel somewhere else. But nevertheless It came into my mind to in this land. They call it the land of all nations…

March 12, 2008. I could still remember that was Tuesday when It finally sink to me that I’m leaving Philippines soon. When I heard the news that I’ll be flying the next day I’m still convincing myself that this is it. The start of the new chapter of my life. All my prayers has been answered, my daily rosary at Baclaran church finally come to realization. Few only know that for the past 6 months that I’m waiting for my fortune, I’m religiously praying.

I wish I still have the calendar with me now. I marked everyday as I’m waiting for it. Taking some important notes of what made it significant. As soon as I received the phone call that I’m leaving, I immediately called my parents in the province. Speechless, with only few lines that are coming out of my mouth. Mixed emotion. The first few things that coming into my mind is that, ” I need to have the soonest flight back home”. I’m at worked at that time when I made a reasonable excuse to escape out. I called every line that I can think of hoping that I can catch the soonest plane leaving for manila to cdo.

I checked every flight, time and date hoping there’s one seat left for me. But in the long run I was not able to find any. Instead I tried to convince my mom to fly the next day so that she can accompany me to the airport. Since it was a short notice and my mom is not familiar to manila, I decided that it’s going to be my sister will accompany me instead.

She arrived on the first flight and took her from the airport. As soon as we leave the domestic airport we hurriedly went to the agency for the last minute briefing. After giving out our immigration documents, we went to department store to buy last minute things that I needed. It was dark when we finally arrived at my pad to fix my stuff. Though we did not take our dinner yet still we felt not hungry. Maybe because of the excitement or mixed emotion that I’m leaving without seeing my mom.

6:00 AM when my alarm wakes us up. After a mini breakfast we took a cab to NAIA. On our way there I called several people on my phone to inform them that I’m leaving and to say goodbye too. Friends and office mates. We arrived that the airport an hour before my departing time. The last person that I called on my cell was my mom. I tell her that mom everything is going to be fine. Though I was not able to hug for the time that I’m leaving I know in my heart your embracing me. “I love you ma, God is with us”. Tears were starting to form but I was able to manage not to let it out. I hug my sister so tightly that I could give and embrace me for mom.

I told my sister go now as I have instructed her. I don’t want her to see me leaving. I know it’s not the last time we’ll see each other. I proceed to POEA pre-departure to set things and submit myself along with my batch mate to the immigration.

Flight Cathay Pacific to Hongkong then to Vancouver. We waited for a couple of minutes before we boarded the plane. As soon as I enter the plane I said ” thank you Lord”.

Got my seat number, fasten my seat belt then relax for a while. Plane is now taking off.
(Part 2 to be continued on our February issue)


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