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Page added on January 21, 2011

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The Other Side

by  Steve Tarzwell

Happy New Year! I hope you have celebrated a great 2010 and are looking forward to bigger and better things in 2011. Like many people, the past year was filled with the good and the not so good and that is what makes our lives so exciting! We never know what our good Lord has in store for us from day to day!

I thought I would start the year off by contributing something to Pinoy Times. This paper has done an excellent job of keeping you informed about Filipino news and events in our community, so if you need to keep in touch make sure to get your copy every month.

Although a white guy, I consider myself a member of the proud Calgary Filipino Community by virtue of 14 years of marriage to a beautiful Filipina – Ludy. In no way would I consider myself an expert on the Philippines and their people; however through marriage, a couple trips to the Philippines and the (forever) adoption of our daughter Stephanie from the Philippines, I have learned and observed a lot. I have enjoyed what I have seen so far, both in Ludy’s hometown of Imus, Cavite and the many beautiful areas of the Philippines. Perhaps one day we will be able to retire there and be closer to our family…

I am not really old; I have just found out that as we get older some things take more effort than they did when we were younger. This includes both physical and mental activities. When I was a teenager growing up near Toronto I quickly realized it was better for me to kill off half my brain cells with drugs and alcohol. That way I could fit in with the majority of the world’s people, especially when driving on Calgary’s streets…Oh, how I wish I could have those brain cells back now!

The Philippines, much like Canada, has both good and bad qualities but is best known for having many kind and caring people. People who are patient and hard-working who rely on God for their guidance in their day to day living and comfort. Remember to proudly display your Philippine flag, including in your vehicles. There are many reasons to be a Proud Filipino! I know no matter how much you want to adapt to any new country – you will always be a Filipino at heart!

I want to retire in the Philippines one day and my wife tells me I can still be a Canadian when I live there, to a certain extent. I am relieved! I was afraid I would have to get a tan, dye my hair black and get a cell phone!

I hope 2011 is a great year for you! This is the year we will finalize our adoption and after 6 years in the making we will have our daughter with us. I know because the Philippine Government has used up all the excuses they can for delaying it. We Pray that they can start to process more sponsoring and adoptions and filling the many job orders that are sitting in the hands of the Government for OFW and TFW’s.

Happy New Year!



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