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Page added on March 23, 2011

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Love Contract

By Glynn Galla

PT Press

People in nature want to love and to be loved.  But could this be applied to all occasions?

We Filipinos are fond of loving even if we already love someone. And this is very true to many temporary Filipino workers. It is not easy to be far away from our love ones, whether your single or married.

Filipino workers abroad are vulnerable in the sense that we miss our family specially in events like, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas – to mention a few. They try to keep in touch to their love ones as much as they can, thru emails, chat, text or calling back home. Making it sure that every time they are always connected with them. But let’s face it’s not always like this; there are times that worker’s abroad are lonely and sad. Whenever they try to communicate back home, their love ones are not available because of time difference or taking care of some important things back there. Unanswered emails, text not replied, missed calls, are some of the things that our OFW’s sentiments.  During this time, that they are down, it’s natural for a human being to find some attention elsewhere, like going to the movies, visit friends’ house, watching hockey game, singing karaoke, shopping or leading to find someone that could somehow ease their loneliness. But could this be a good excuse to find a TEMPORARY LOVE for a TEMPORARY WORKER?

It is nice to know that someone NEAR loves you, cares for you, and always there whenever you need it.  It’s like, they are immediate comfort zone to many overseas workers, and they fill the emptiness of each other.  Like, getting sick here is one of the hardest part  of being a worker abroad, no one will take care of you; no one will remind you to take your medicine to make you feel better because all of your housemates are working too. Self motivation is needed.  Like also an instance that you are tired from work and adding the cold weather to it, arriving home so tired and hungry but you don’t have a choice but to cook for yourself, then you start asking, will it be always like this? You feel you can’t take it anymore but to seek someone’s help, someone’s care. Then along the way you will hear similar story like yours, lonely as you are and vulnerable as you. And from then on you will just find yourself in each other’s arms. The emptiness that you’re looking for is finally filled. The sadness on your face is no longer there. Someone will take care for you, even for just a short period of time. It makes you feel better knowing that there someone right here you can count on.

But time will come you need to face the reality. You know that all of these are just temporary. When your contract expires you have to wake up and face the real world and go back home. All the sweetness, all the concern, all the love, needs to end.  After long years of working abroad you need to put an end. It’s very hard, but you have to. The reason why you’re here is because of them, your family, not the “temporary” love.  We are not perfect, we are just human, we commit mistakes in life and we repent for it.

Love is a wonderful feeling but it always comes with consequences for all we know that when CONTRACT EXPIRES, LOVE ENDS….


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