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Page added on April 28, 2011

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“CATCH ME – I’m In Love” The Movie

A review by Estrella “Tata” Delos Reyes

When my Cable Channel 509 (TFC) announced another Star Cinema presentation is going to be held in Calgary, I knew exactly it will be their latest flicker movie “Catch Me – I’m In Love”.  Starring Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo, the movie was a tester to see how the public will take on a new tandem. I should say I am an avid showbiz fan so I myself was curious as to how the new partnership will work in an industry whose fanfare was a major contributor to the success of a so-called ‘Love Team”.  Lo and behold, the duo was well-accepted with flying colors.

My friends and I called each other and arranged to watch it on its first day of showing.  Surprisingly, the movie is up for a two-week run as opposed to the previous Filipino movies that only ran for a week.  The earlier showing of 6:45 PM was sold out.  Made me realized, must be good alright.  A 45 minute-wait time at the box office did not deter me from backing up.

As the movie began, I started being home sick again. With the familiar sight of a typical neighborhood in Metro Manila, the location takes you back to the  “back home” feeling.  Shoot mostly in Caloocan City, and some in the Province of Isabela, the movie was trailing a feel good sensation already.

The story line evolved in the “heaven and earth”, “water and oil”, and simply put in, “rich and poor” scenario. Many believe those two don’t meet “tete-a-tete” in the realm of life.  I personally loved the way the flow went through as to how love can truly develop in the most unexpected places and times.  The romantic knuckles and chuckles that brought the “kilig factor” to the entire movie was not a set-back but in fact made the movie lively at all times.  I am glad there were only very few shots on super duper tear-jerker parts as the movie was almost all about bringing out the fun in romance.

The showcase of young & veteran talents in the movie was well blended in.  I personally like the wacky and comedic characters that Al Tantay and Arlene Mulach played, & with the equally wackos sons headed by Ketchup Eusebio, the team was a big blast. Upcoming and budding actor Mateo Guticielli (oops..hope I spelled it right), was funny in playing korky and nuthead whose secret admiration to the main character added just a bit of spice. Although typecast as a very serious actors, the roles played by Dawne Zuelueta and the “Famas award winner” Christopher de Leon were pretty light as they did not deliver any heavy lines in the movie.  But surely, the couple made justice to their characters as President and First Lady.

Another flick, another stint… another season of a movie hit.  Watch out for the next offering in the big box office .  That’s all I can say folks!


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