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When Temporary meets Permanent

By Glynn Galla

It was not long time ago when I was invited to a Filipino wedding. The wedding is like the one we have in the Philippines.

It was a wedding of a Filipino who is permanent resident and a Filipino who is a temporary worker. What a nice feeling, knowing that that these two people together bonded with the true meaning of LOVE.  So can this call that temporary plus permanent equals forever?

We are not against people who tie the knot as a newlywed couple, but how about those people getting married for a wrong reason?

As we all know that most temporary worker here in Canada has only few years to stay here. And finding way to stay longer is one of the things that  keeps bothering their  mind. Some are renewing their contract with the employer, finding another company that hires temporary workers, applying as permanent resident if they meet the qualification or getting married to an immigrant or a Canadian citizen.

We don’t have the right to judge, but the major concern is marrying for the wrong reason. When temporary and permanent meets, it’s like a normal acquaintance, like the normal couples do. Started as friends, going on a date are just of the few things they do. Then after a long time of getting to know each other stage, finally deciding to settle down.

When temporary meets permanent would it lead to a promising relationship? On the part of the “PERMANENT” how would they know that they are ending up with the right one? Maybe it’s not just for them but for all of us. We need to make sure how genuine the intentions are. After getting what they want what will happen to you? You need to always make sure that all the things you see is true.  They might be so sweet on the first few months, and then as the time goes, you gradually notice the changes. You have invested your emotion to it; you give all your best for the relationship knowing that, that person is the one you are looking for such a long time. You’ve been alone in your life, and now you are ready to spend the rest of it with someone would fail? We all know that living in a different land is a big challenge for us especially if you are just all by yourself. Your goodness glares as others trying to take advantage of it.

When trying to meet a “PERMANENT” is it the right thing to do? Would it answer all your worries to stay here longer in Canada? Time is running as only few years more that a worker can stay, but does it mean also that loving a person has its time frame?  It’s normal to love and to be loved especially if you’re single and not to break someone’s heart. How would you know that, that person is the right one for you? Many question sparks as time goes.  Settling down with the right one is a great feeling but settling with someone that only part of that person you loved is another story. Looking for your future is not just yours to look forward to; it’s everybody’s minds too. If you truly love the person go for it, fight for that love show that “PERMANENT” that you can stand on your own. It just happen that you are not “PERMANENT” and your partner is.

Many people want their life to get better when  they go abroad, looking for greener pasture and even pursuit of happiness in their lives. Finding someone for you is hard, it takes a lot of time to see who is meant for you and some just get it in an instant. Making our lives better is not other’s sacrifice it is our responsibility to make it right, as the saying goes regret always comes last.  Loving a person is sometimes misunderstood of what that person could provide you or you just really love of who she or he is.



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