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God’s Amazing Grace

God’s Amazing Grace thumbnail

“God’s Amazing Grace”

“God’s ways of bringing about His plans are infinitely wise.” This is one of the passages that I love and believe in. I always do my best to find a quiet time wherein I can talk to God and share with Him all my heart’s desires and heartaches as well. I know that He is the only one who can understand what I feel and think about life. Well, in my journey, it is proven that He is always there to save me and my loved ones.

Traditionally, Filipinos go to their parish churches to offer prayers and reflect on themselves. Every Sunday, people are crowded pleading and asking for God’s grace to help them survive in every situation they would encounter. Usually, if they have problems, they frequently think of God first. They sincerely talk to Him and tell everything what they feel. Most Filipinos say that it is okay to cry out to Him what you need to release because it is a sign of being sincere in your prayers.

A part of the Filipino tradition is to be religious. There are many of today who join different church communities and give out all their time and effort every day. Is sincerity in your heart while doing each responsibility that you have? Well, being religious is different from being prayerful.

Religiously, people spend time in the church but do not really follow what is God’s plan for them. They still believe on what they know is right for them. There are many Filipinos who act this way and are not aware of their actions.

A prayerful person speaks of a happy life. Since you have the time to talk to God quietly and calmly, you are blessed with things that answer your concerns. Well, God has His own plans and ways of revealing what is for us. We do not need to question or oblige ourselves to know everything because we cannot.

God’s amazing grace is for everybody. He always wants to share with His people but sometimes, He balances things too. This is the reason why Filipinos get frustrated and give up easily on God because they cannot get what they want in their own time.

Ask and pray with all of your heart. God knows all of us. He knew us even before we were born and all we have to do is to strive hard and have faith. Based from my experience as a full time housewife, I followed God’s mission for me. And to share with you, I can serve my family and fulfill all of the household responsibilities wholeheartedly. I know that I do not have to expect but I believe that God will not abandon me. He will continuously give me everything I need because He knows and understands.

Following and recognizing Filipino traditions are not a mistake. You just have to make sure that you have the true HEART of loving and keeping God’s trust in you. No matter what happens, I will surely keep God’s grace and love in my heart every single day.


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