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    by C.K. Now that winter is over and spring had finally sprung, it’s time to spend more outdoors than indoor activities.  I’m  sure that even the pets we have wants to wonder around in this wonderful weather.  I just got a glimpse of the crocuses on our rock garden and a few perennials  coming back from [...]

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Page added on July 20, 2011

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The Other Side

Yahoo! Summer is here! You are probably tired of Stampede and western stuff but there is much more to summer than that. Most of us remember the short summer we had last year and it seems like people are making more effort to enjoy it this year, in case summer ends too early.

What a great month it has been with so many things going on already. Ludy and I like to keep busy and if you are careful and choose activities you WANT to do instead of things you HAVE to do, there is no stress. Life is short so let’s make the most of it!

Speaking of life, among some of the interesting things this month, I learned that even walking on the sidewalk is not guaranteed to be safe. Minding my own business a couple weeks ago, I looked up to see a car racing towards me, out of control, with the gas pedal stuck to the floor! Not wanting to die just yet, I was able to jump out of the way. After shearing off two large trees, a light standard, a traffic sign and a 500 lb concrete garbage bin, the vehicle passed by me, including over the spot I had just vacated a second or two earlier! It came to a stop soon after and other than a written off car and much property damage, no one was hurt. I learned that it is good to be prepared! Check out the photos on Facebook.

Easily the highlight this month was KASAYAHAN and the show just keeps getting bigger and better! Thanks again to all those involved for putting on a great performance!

We were also able to spend the Canada Day weekend in Edmonton, our second favorite city here. There is a lot to see and do there, and it doesn’t have to be the Mall. If you only have a few days, the Mall will take most of your time being the biggest in the world with 900 stores. The fireworks display was awesome! Check out the photos on Facebook also! If you are looking for a good time – check out Capital Ex, Edmonton’s version of the Stampede, July 22-31.

Otherwise it looks like a great summer in store. Many Festivals and events are coming up. Be sure to attend the GlobalFest fireworks competition, especially August 21 for the Philippine entry in the competition.

This month’s in-city day trip suggestion – check out Nose Hill Park. Like many people, we thought there was nothing there but grass. If you go there in the evening you will see many deer for sure and some nice views of the city and sunset.

Have a great summer!



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