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The Royal Experience

The Royal Experience thumbnail

By Glynn Galla

Victoria Park Stampede, Fort George, Prince Edward Island, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Louise were just few of the places that named after the Royals of Britain. Canada has lots of things shared with Great Britain, as far as history is concerned. And by the time I knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will grace the Calgary Stampede opening I say to myself, I want to be a part of that history.

It was early morning of July 6 at the Max Bell Arena when lots of people are already lined up just to get the passes; by the time I arrived there I just learned that people who were first inline had camp out the night before so they will get the passes first. The line was already long when I came, but there’s no turning back, I have to finish this. After an hour from the line finally I got my pass, I chose the purple wristband to see them the following day than the green color for the day after, after hundreds of people waited  for their turn I realized this event is something big.

After getting my pass I went home and excited for tomorrow’s big event. Well as commoner it was a normal feeling to see the royals who had influence the culture of many countries for the past centuries.  Lots of things running on my mind at that time, like how pretty is Kate? Are they going to wear the Calgary’s white hat? How tight will the security be? How many people will actually be attending the ceremony?  With so much excitement I even post my pass on my Face book page to share with my friends. Likes. Comments had made the thread longer. It was really fun, reading their thoughts about it.

Finally the day has come. It was good timing because I’m off from work.  SD card secured, battery charged, camera lens ready, I’m off for the event. I arrived at the Victoria Park Stampede Station and hurriedly went to the designated line only for the purple wristband holders. Despite the scourging heat of the sun, people waited until the gates were open for the public. Security was tight police check every belongings. After my things checked, we were directed to the place where we can see them up close. Police Sirens, Helicopter monitoring and lots of security escort were so visible anywhere you glance.

After few minutes of waiting, I’ve heard the Calgary band was starting to play. Loud scream, cheering from the people filled the air of the stampede ground. Moments later, the parade started and the cheer gets louder.  Calgary Stampede Officials, Staff, City of Calgary Employees join the parade as Part of the opening ceremony. And few minutes after some people at far were already screaming the name of William and Kate. The crowd gets intense as they want to see the next inline of the parade. Not far from where I positioned, a couple wearing Calgary’s White Hat emerge from the crowd. The lady was seating on the right side with her printed white long sleeve was already waving to the crowd as the lady that we have all been waiting for. The Duchess of Cambridge no other than Kate Middleton and on her left was her husband Prince William of Wales. I was really star struck with this royal couple, While I was so busy clicking my camera, I couldn’t even believe that this is really happening and I’m seeing them at this close. Riding in a fancy carriage it moves so slowly so the crowd will get a chance to waived back at them. I already feel the crowd’s momentum but I stand still to get nice shots of them. As the carriage moved, the people were still so alive seeing the very lovely couple joining the celebration of Calgary Stampede. Feeling hot and exhausted, I review my shots of them; it was a fulfilling experience to see them not in the television anymore but in person. I really couldn’t believe that I have captured their faces and smiles right here in my own camera. They were truly a nice couple indeed. After such an encounter I told myself it was a worth seeing them. Visiting places that named after their ancestors is a great experience. Seeing the descendants of the royals is remarkable one.I feel I’m part of the history of their visit in Calgary. An experience that I will truly remember that I will share to my family and friends, that once in my lifetime I did had a royal experience.


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