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Page added on August 19, 2011

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GO na GO ang One Kapamilya Go sa Canada

By Marietta Pangan-Dutkoski

Sunday July 24, 2011, was another highly attended  gathering of Filipinos in Alberta at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary. The ABS-CBN  International  Kapamilya Network held its 2nd Annual  International  Show/Tour  to express  their gratitude toward  The Filipino Channel (TFC) patrons for their continued patronage of ABS-CBN programs and artists.

This year’s theme “One Kapamilya Go sa Canada” aimed to reach out to all the “kapamilya” (part of the family) and draw new and more  clientele for TFC.

There were powerhouse live performances  of the celebrities from the Kapamilya network, and mainstays of the no. 1 variety show on Philippine television like ASAP Rocks, such as  Billy Crawford, Vina Morales, Jericho Rosales, John Lloyd Cruz, and the recent addition from Star Power Champion Angeline Quinto.

They were joined  by the funny and witty performance of one of the top comedian/ singer and host, Kaye Brosas, who gave a superb interaction with the audience and delivered bang-on punch lines!

As intermission entertainment, TFC-Kat (sikat- famous) was piloted. This was a showcase of local Canadian talent. There were 5 performances of singing, dancing and instrumentals. The TFC-Kat talent contest were hosted by the perfect tandem of  Billy Crawford and Kaye Brosas. The winner  for Calgary TFC-kat 2011 serach was a girl from Winnipeg who rendered  a song from a musical theme.

Like in previous years, there were  different booths of Filipino-owned products and services open to spectators. Although the door was originally intended to be opened to the audience starting 1:00p.m., it wasn’t the actual case and people waited in the hallway up until 1:30p.m. There was also a  long queue of people who arrived on time but were not allowed to enter until doors opened at a later time. Another setback was the rush of patrons to the front of the theatre which could easily have been prevented by assigning printed  numbers on tickets. The audience in general admission flocked almost at once and grabbed chairs so they could  sit beside friends and comrades. Lastly was the lack of discipline from the viewing audience.  During several performances, the people from general admissions ran and stood in front of the stage in order to shake the hands of the performers and took pictures  of their favourite celebrities. It could have been no big deal if they didn’t block the view of those  who sat in the VIP areas, who paid twice  the price of general admission to watch the show with the intention of unobstructed view. It was a pitiful sight to see the guards lost their ability to keep the audience in order. Lastly, the performers would have given their fans fair chances  to see them  up close, if only the audience behaved much more civilly.

Overall, the ABS-CBN International did it again, a stellar show package, except needing some tweaking on the organizer’s efficiency and effectiveness here at the home front.


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