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  • Publisher’s Note

    by CK This morning when I woke up, I noticed that some leaves in our tree in the backyard are starting to turn yellow and I told myself, what an early sign.  For sure we have our nice days numbered as Fall is soon approaching.  I love the color of Fall because it feels so refreshing [...]

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NEWS FROM January 2012

UMAC Cargo Forwarders and Pinoy Times Join Forces

UMAC Cargo Forwarders and Pinoy Times Join Forces thumbnail

by:  Tata “Tatsky” Gascon-delos Reyes
To send off cargos of relief goods to the battered and devastated “kababayans” in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro, UMAC Cargo Forwarders and Pinoy Times combined their teams of supportive staffs to sort out the humongous donations received at the UMAC warehouse in the North East. When PT announced that [...]

K of C’s Columbian Squires’ Winter Special 2011

K of C’s Columbian Squires’ Winter Special 2011 thumbnail

By:  Kristal Mae Rubiano
This is truly a very special concert for the group of Columbian Squire and Roses of Squires’ headed by Chief Leaders Kurt Rubiano & Theresa Chicote who put the whole concert together along with the Knights of Columbus’ Youth Council’s Councilors and parents. The Columbian Squires Band 5550 and the members of [...]

PINOY TIMES’ 3rd Annual Paskong Pinoy Times 2011

PINOY TIMES’ 3rd Annual Paskong Pinoy Times 2011 thumbnail

….Another Successful and Thankful Year for the Publication.
By:  Tata “Tatsky” Gascon-delos Reyes
Another year went by and Pinoy Times’ Publisher Connie Kriaski never let the year ended without giving back to her loyal advertisers and readers.  Once again, the celebration was held at the same venue (Huntington Hills Community Center) last December 17, 2011.  This time [...]

Year in Review – the Philippine Arts in 2011

Year in Review – the Philippine Arts in 2011 thumbnail

by Ida Beltran-Lucila
The year end  is always a time  to  look back  on  the year past  – as reflection, as learning, as an inspiration  in  facing  the  future.    Here, we  review the  biggest  news and achievements  in  the Philippine arts scene,  culled  from  direct  information, news  and  the  social  media,  focusing  on Filipinos around the [...]



Roger Encarnacion
“Bakit gusto mong manirahan sa Canada?” tanong ng Canadian Consul kay Hector habang ini-interview siya nito sa loob ng maaliwalas na upisina ng Canadian Embassy sa Makati. Nakatitig nang walang kurap ang mga mata ng Consul kay Hector na waring inaarok ang kaniyang kalooban. Isang saglit na napapatda si Hector. Hindi niya inaasahan [...]

The Other Side

The Other Side thumbnail

Wow, what a blast 2011 was and it looks like 2012 will be even better! This past year had numerous events and through Facebook we were able to share those experiences. Several trips including our spur of the moment vacation in the Osoyoos area of B.C. were fun. So many parties and celebrations too numerous [...]

Pinoy Insights

Pinoy Insights thumbnail

By Romeo Montoya Jr.
Simple joys
“More than 11 million Filipinos have left their families to find better opportunities abroad.”  This is the opening line of the famous video by Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project. A barely five-minute video, but it was able to tackle the plight of a lot of overseas Filipino [...]

Adobo sojourn of the chef on the hill part 3 -

Adobo sojourn of the chef on the hill part 3 - thumbnail

by: Nikko  Gueco (Food Inc)
“… the best way through a woman’s heart is through her stomach… “  a classic cooking saying revised for the boys.
How many men have used cooking as means of impressing a girl  and how many women are captured because a man can cook.
One of the myths of cooking is a chefs [...]


Travelaero Tips – FLYING WHILE PREGNANT thumbnail

Where ever you are travelling you need to ensure that should the worst happen, you are prepared for it. Follow these tips to ensure your health and that of your unborn baby—before you ever set foot on the plane
There are some restrictions as to just who should and should not travel the skies when they [...]


NEW YEAR……NEW DEAR? thumbnail

by Pastor Nilo
It’s New Year and everyone is full of expectations though mixed with uncertainty of what this year may bring forth.  What preoccupies our thoughts in the transition of time sometimes dictate our feelings and trigger our actions. If we are to have a soul searching, an honest-to-goodness question would ring the [...]

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