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WATER – Your Weight Loss Solution?

I ask all my clients, “How much water do you drink?”  Answers always vary, but for the most part; its, “I need to drink more.”  Many of us walk in a constant state of dehydration.  If our goal is to lose weight – dehydration is the enemy!  If our bodies are dehydrated by one or two percent; it affects our performance – our work capacity will be compromised.  A lousy and lazy workout is going to equal lousy and lazy results!

However, don’t think that you can use colas and coffee to meet your hydration needs, because many scientific studies have shown that people who consume a 450 calorie sweetened fruit drink gain a significant amount of (bad) weight versus those people who ate the same amount of calories with whole, clean foods.

The ultimate weight-loss drink is WATER!  Zero calories and zero sugar baby!  Drink water to meet your hydration needs.  Water is needed for your body’s metabolic and physiological systems to function optimally.  Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, because it usually means you’re too late and you will need to be playing catch up.

Water is one of the most important factors in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.  Many people struggle with drinking enough water.  These are the people that find it challenging to lose weight.  How much water you should drink will depend on how much you weigh, how much you exercise, and whether you are in a hot or cold environment.  You should try to get half an ounce (approximately 14.2 grams) of water per pound of body weight.

Other than hydration, water helps us with our weight loss through:

1.      Appetite Suppression – studies have shown that people who drink 8 to 16 ounces of water before a meal end up eating less.

2.      Prevents water retention – our bodies hold on to water when it feels threatened (survival mechanism), and it stores the water into our cells.

3.      Increases calorie burning – A study has shown that when the body is fully hydrated, calorie burning increases by 30 percent!!!!

4.      Boosts energy – water helps blood volume and supply oxygen to our muscles – giving us more energy.

5.      Removes Toxins – supports the body’s natural means of detoxification of metabolic waste and toxins.

6.      Aids in recovery – helps reduce muscle soreness and joint pain.

7.      Metabolizes fat – water efficiently metabolizes stored fat.

8.      Prevents Constipation – water is a lubricating laxative.

9.      Improves muscle tone – helps maintain and improve muscle tome through improved metabolism and calorie burning

10.  Promotes bowel regularity – this is essential for healthy weight loss.

Of course, water is only one aspect of a proper weight loss program.  Your program should obviously also include a clean nutrition plan and a monitored exercise program.  However, if you can control your hydration and water intake –you are already one step closer to achieving your weigh loss goals!  Now drink up!

Jay Raymundo


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