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    It was 22 years ago when I arrived in Canada and chose Calgary, Alberta to be my home.  Leaving my family and friends behind, it was a new adventure for me to be in a new country without knowing anyone.  That was the time I looked for a Filipino community paper and never found any, [...]

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Classification systems to define the quality of hotel establishments are widely used in tourist destinations. The criteria used to determine the number of stars or other symbol of recognition usually correspond to tangible, measurable factors like room comfort, quality food and drink, parking, furnishings, etc. The higher the rating, the more one can expect the room to be luxurious and costly.

Hotels in this classification are likely to be small and independently owned, with a family atmosphere. Services may be provided by ht owner and family on an informal basis. There may be a limited range of facilities and meals may be fairly simple. Lunch may not be served. Some bedrooms may not have an ensuite bath or shower rooms.  Maintenance, cleanliness and comfort should, however, always be of an acceptable standard.

In this classification, hotels will typically be small to medium size. Guests can expect clean and basic accommodations. Restaurants, baggage handling, fitness and recreation facilities may be very limited or unavailable. Guest rooms usually include a private bathroom, telephone and television and limited amenities.

3-           At this level, hotels are significantly comfortable and generally well appointed than the lower star classifications. Restaurants, baggage handling, a gift shop, fitness and recreation facilities are usually available. Guest rooms are more stylishly decorated and include  a range of amenities. Some room service can also be expected.

Superior accommodation with high level of service. Fine dining and or buffet, and/or a la care, room service and well designed lounge areas.  A greater focus is placed on individual service, which  generally includes baggage handling, concierge service, valet parking and spa facilities. Guest rooms are well appointed and have quality bedding, bath products and a range of amenities.

Truly luxurious properties, offering the highest standards of dining, comfort and service. Décor, attention to detail and a high-staff to guest ratio are emphasized. Fitness and recreational facilities may include tennis courts and golf courses. Guest rooms are spacious and include luxurious bedding and bath products as well as extensive amenities.


COUNTRY HOUSE HOTELS- offers relaxed, informal atmosphere with an emphasis on personal welcome. They are usually but not always, in a secluded area or rural setting and should offer peace and quiet  regardless of location.

TOWNHOUSE ACCOMMODATION-this classification  denotes small personally run hotels which afford a high degree of privacy, concentrate on luxuriously furnished bedrooms and suites, with high-quality room service rather than the public rooms or formal dining rooms usually associated with hotels, but they are usually in areas well served by restaurants. All fall within the Four or Five star classification.

LODGES-this classifications denotes budget accommodation, suitable for an overnight stay usually in purpose-built units close to main roads and motorways, often forming part of motorway service areas. They provide consistent levels of accommodation and service.

FARMHOUSE-particularly noted for being relatively inexpensive and cosy, with good home –cooking where appropriate. Guest are at times allowed to participate or view farm activities.


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