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Page added on March 27, 2012

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Pinoygraphers In Action

(An in-depth shot at Photography…The Pinoy Style)

Interview with Sir Constant dela Cruz of Calgary, Alberta.

by: Tata “Tatsky” Gascon-Delos Reyes

TGDR: What is your concept of Photography?

CDLC: Photography is simply capturing  light and shadow.  Nowadays,  images are captured using digital media. Out of this light and shadow, the photographer/artist creates images that evoke responses from the viewers.

TGDR: Why do you think Photography is a big hit in this age and time?

CDLC: The advent of digital cameras contributed significantly to the growth of photography in the last ten or so years. Digital cameras are cheap and widely available.   Unlike  films, digital is almost free.  The internet has also contributed  to this growth since it is so easy to share images on line and get feedback and comments from people.  Most of the images now are not printed but shared digitally.

TGDR: What are the different categories and aspects of Photography?

CDLC: Photography covers a wide range of genres – travel, portrait, wedding, event, fashion, sports, architectural, etc.

TGDR: When did you start having interest in Photography?

CDLC: More than twenty years ago, but I did not do it as often as I do it now, because  films were expensive. The introduction of digital SLR cameras perked my interest again five years ago.

TGDR: What made you fall in love with Photography?

CDLC: I am a technical person.  I work with numbers all day long in the office, so I need to do something artistic and different in my leisure time. I cannot draw, so the next best thing is photography.

TGDR: Do you think you are an “Artist”?

CDLC: I consider the best photographers as artists. They create something that is aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, I do not consider myself good enough to be an artist.

TGDR: As a Filipino, and a Photography enthusiast, do you find a correlation with being a Pinoy and an avid “kodakero” (street name for a photographer)?

CDLC: Photography is universal.  It crosses boundaries of race and nationality. But we all know that Filipinos love to take pictures and love their pictures taken. Maybe that’s why I see a lot of Filipinos in Calgary that are into photography.

TGDR: Do you think there is future in being a Photographer in a big City like Calgary?

CDLC: If you’re talking about financial future, I do not think there’s  a lot of money in photography. I can be wrong. There are so many good photographers in the city. Some of the amateurs are even better than people who call themselves professional. I think it is a highly competitive field.

TGDR: Do you think your being a Filipino has an impact at all?

CDLC: Not really.

TGDR: Please give me your insight on being a Pinoygrapher in your era:

CDLC: I like that name – Pinoygrapher. Maybe I should borrow that name and form a photography club and call it Pinoygrapher. The Filipino photographers in Calgary are some of the nicest people that you will meet.  I can’t say enough good things about the Filipino photographers that I’ve met. They are so passionate about their craft. They are very willing to share their knowledge with fellow photographers.  They are very humble and down- to- earth.  I love attending Filipino photographers meetups.  Most of the time,  there’s great Filipino food in these meetups.  You rarely find this in the other photography groups.

Special thanks to the participants of the January meetup at EauClaire Market in downtown Calgary where they gathered to enjoy their craft: Lensmens Zaldy Francisco, Rancel Mancilla, Deo Angeles, Kyxz Balite, Eric Epie, Mark Ancheta, Richard Revelar, Rico Tulio, Chiqui and Ian Ramos.

Mabuhay ang Pinoygraphers!


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