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Page added on March 27, 2012

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Seasons of Life

By: Glynn Galla

I cannot help but to compare life to the four seasons of the weather. There are times that you feel sad, happy, excited and sometimes in pain.

Like the SUMMER season, there are some point in our lives that, all we have to do is to enjoy it. Feeling the nice temperature, the warm weather that really makes you alive and bubbly, you are happy to plan where to go this nice season and taking advantage of it while it last. Same as enjoying the company of our love ones.  Spending quality time with them. Sharing thoughts, telling wonderful experiences that you had. Eating together, going out together, all you have to do is to enjoy every inch of their smiles while you are there with them. No room for sadness, just smiles, laughter and all happy moments.

As we are all had our fair share of great moments, we can’t deny that in some point in our lives we have fears, we have reservations, like in every happy times there’s always worries ahead. As the summer ends, FALL is starting to take place. Many of us as I’ve noticed feeling not so happy about the fall, I don’t know if it’s something to do with the weather condition, but it affects how we deal with this season. Feeling not so sad and not as happy as we witness the falling leaves from trees. Leaves that’s turning to a yellowish brown signify that its life is about to end. Its worth started to depreciate. As this time of life we, start recalling the happy moments that we had with our love ones and friends. Missing the unforgettable moments you’ve shared it with them. As you witness that trees starting to be lifeless, it’s like thinking when are going to see them again, when will be next time you will see the smiles of special people in your lives. All you have to do is to watch the fall as we cannot prevent it to happen.

When fall completes its cycle, the coldest time of the year is starting to sink in. WINTER is here once more, for me, I can associate this season to the lowest point of my life. As the cold weather begins to wrap the whole land, it feels that I have to be strong when facing the chilly season. It’s like you are given an obstacle that you have to be firm and remain steadfast. When the snow storm comes, you have to be ready; you always make sure that you have everything you need when facing it.  Same as having a problem, that you have to face, you must face it with all strength and courage. You must stand by it. You always find ways how to solve it. And sometimes it is also a test of our endurance, and our perseverance of where this test will lead us. At this point in our lives we need someone that we can lean on, someone that will never leave us in times of distress. We have to keep ourselves warm to stabilize our condition. Heaters, warmers and hot drinks are like our friends and family that always there for us, they keep us company in times of great challenge; they won’t leave us until we are all OK.

HOPE as I want to describe the SPRING season. After a stormy weather, a chilly and snowy season, finally you’ll have a break for it. The weather gradually gets calmer each time. Ice begins to melt and the climate starting to get warmer. As we face every trial in life, it always has an end. After a very cold winter, we can always expect a better spring, where it’s sunnier and plants begin to grow, flower starts to bloom again, and breeze gets even better. When freezing temperature ends and spring commence, it’s like finally all your troubles in life are starting to vanish. All the hardships are lifted one by one. Solutions to the problems are slowly taking its place. Questions have its answers, agonies have its ends and the long journey had reached each final stop. We always look forward to a brighter tomorrow. No matter how dim the tunnel may be, there where always light at the end of it. There will be a rainbow after the rain.

Our lives is like a season, a cycle, we fall and we get up again, no matter what seasons we are in our lives now, let’s always remember that there’s always A Spring, A Hope that will comes after.


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