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Page added on April 30, 2012

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The Other Side

While we are stuck in the midst of a very short Election Campaign we must remind ourselves that, contrary to Calgary’s big daily tabloids, the world does not stop turning. If your life revolves around cheap newspaper reports and TV hype, you may have been convinced that we need, or may get, some kind of change. One Provincial Government that has been wasting money out of control replaced by another that is making promises that they know will cost the Taxpayers a bundle, still means higher taxes for us all in the end. Very little will change.

For some of us life has changed for the better. With warm weather arriving, we can get out and enjoy and focus our lives on the beauty our God has provided for us. My wife and I purchased a brand new bicycle built for two, or tandem, and we have added that to our outdoor fun! With my employer messing around with my job duties, I am now required to sit in a company vehicle for almost 8 hours per day instead of the customary 15-20 km per day I used to walk. I will have to get my exercise on my own time now.

With the warm spring temperatures waking up the trees, flowers and grass from their sleep, it has also stirred the squirrels, stray cats and something new – skunks! For those of us who have lived in Calgary for many years – the skunk problem is something we never had in the past. They are not really a major worry, skunks are like street people. They may stink, but they are really nice. And neither of them is necessarily brainless. Life is packed with pleasant surprises!

Our city parks, trails and green spaces continue to be developed and improved and we thank our Mayor and Councillors for making that a priority. The new Peace Bridge is stunning and makes an awesome subject for night photos. With construction on another pedestrian/cyclist bridge across St. Patrick’s Island to the East Village Riverwalk area, again at $25 million, our City is looking more attractive for the active types.

In closing, I would like to wish my dearly beloved wife Ludy a Happy Birthday! on April 19. We will relax and enjoy that weekend at a mountain retreat and thank our Lord for all he has given us.

Have a great spring!



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