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Car rental rates, like airline rates, change day to day. The more flexibility you have in your rental dates, the more you can save. Taking advantage of low car rental rates is a lot like finding low airfares. Your price depends on when you travel and for how long. When you find a great rate, book it fast before someone else does. The best rental car rates are usually offered on weekends, especially when you stay over on a Saturday night – and the longer you keep your car, the better daily rate you can usually get.

INSURANCE- Purchasing any one of the following provides you with the added peace of mind and assurance that you are protected against any damage or theft to your rental vehicle.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is excess automobile liability insurance that protects you and all authorized drivers of the rental vehicle against third-party bodily injury and property-damage claims for which you are legally liable.

Personal Accident and Effects Insurance (PAE) provides renters and occupants of the rental vehicle with accidental death benefit and coverage for certain medical expenses resulting from an accident. Renters are protected both in and out of the rental vehicle during the entire rental period, and others are covered while occupying the vehicle. In addition, PAE provides protection against loss of, or damage to, certain personal property of the renter and individuals traveling with the renter.

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) offered by car rental companies is not insurance. It’s an option that relieves renters of financial responsibility if the car is damaged or stolen while under rental contract.

Emergency Sickness Plan (ESP) provides international renters visiting the U.S. with coverage for medical expenses resulting from sickness. At most locations, other liability protection available to the renter from any source will be primary, and will apply first in the event of an accident. ESP protects international renters possessing a non-U.S. passport against certain medical expenses resulting from sickness occurring during the rental period.

We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to verify your coverage before renting a car.

LICENSE FEES- Make sure to ask in advance about the licensing cost recovery for they don’t tell customers about it unless you ask. Most rental car companies at many airport locations, concession recovery and facility impose a separately stated Energy Recovery Fee (ERF) to all customers at all locations.

AGE PENALTIES -Renters 21-24 must present a valid, acceptable credit card (debit cards are not permitted) and a valid driver’s license (subject to screening of your driving record), both in the renter’s name. Drivers between the ages of 21-24 will not permitted to rent luxury cars, mini vans, 12-passenger vans, specialty vehicles, full-size SUVs or premium SUVs. If you plan to pre-pay your rental and are under 25 years of age, underage charges will be added at the counter and will need to be paid at car return. Your prepayment amount will be used as a credit toward the final costs of the rental.

ADDITIONAL DRIVERS-Adding another driver to your rental agreement often have a fee, but some companies doesn’t charge the spouse or domestic partner .

TAXES AND AIRPORT SURCHARGES -Most fees and surcharges are mandated for all rental car companies by the local municipality or state/federal authorities

GASOLINE CHARGES – We recommend renters to stop at a local station and refuel the car before returning it. If the customer chooses not to do so, car rental companies charge a premium for providing this refueling service to them. That charge takes into account both direct and indirect costs of having to refuel and maintain their refueling infrastructure for customers who prefer this service. The charge also is intended to strongly motivate customers to save by refueling the car themselves.

MILEAGE-Some companies charge mileage if you exceed a daily given allotment.

DROP-OFF CHARGES- Some companies charge, some don’t.

EARLY RETURN FEES-Rental car companies usually charge an early return fee.

24-HOUR CLOCK –Vehicles rented on a daily (24-hour) basis have a 29-minute grace period for returns. After 30 minutes late, 3/4-day late charges + $.01 + taxes apply. After 90 minutes late, full-day late charges + taxes apply. There is no grace period for rental fees, surcharges and optional equipment or protections charges.  Full-day late charges will apply for these items.

Some rental car companies do not disclose these surcharges when you reserve your car. We like you to be aware of all the charges ahead of time – so when you pick up your car, you’ll have no surprises. If you have questions regarding any surcharges relating to your rental, you can discuss it with a counter representative.


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