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The World’s Number 1 Mom… Our Mom

By Glynn Galla

Its Mother’s Day once again, the day when the world celebrates it to the most important woman in our lives, our Mom, despite of what culture we came from, the language of motherly care is universal. Its immense, it’s unconditional.

I just want to share my story of how I truly say I mom is the world’s 1 mom. We all have a fair share of our mom’s role in our lives.

It was a sunny morning of Monday of February 1994, this was during my grade school years; I remember my mom used to wake me up to go to school. I got up and took a shower, then eating the most delicious breakfast. Even its only egg and bread then milk for that meal, I felt it’s very special. Having breakfast with your family especially with your mom is incomparable. While eating, her constant reminding me that I must be good in school, and make sure I have spare shirt in my bag just in case I have to change. She has been an angel to me; she guides me all the time. She makes sure that the night before going to school all my assignments and project has been takes care of. After a great meal I hug my mom and headed to school.  As I’m on my way to school, I was thinking what life would it be without a mom? Who would care of you? Who will cook for breakfast? Who will wash your clothes? Who will I run to when my asthma attacks?

After a 5 minute walk from the house I reach the school, I saw my classmates running and playing around. Still early morning but who cares were kids, we loved to play it doesn’t matter what time of the day.  I smiled and planned that I’ll play later after the classes in the afternoon are done. While the classes are going on, I and my classmates already planned to play games later, the slipper game that I really like to play. Having four bases, it’s like a baseball that you have to hit the ball, but we used slipper instead, then when you hit it, you can run to the next base. It’s like making it sure that you’re cautious enough that you touch the base before someone hits the slipper again. Very excited, we got our own team to match to the other section. As the game start everyone were thrilled who is going to score first.

The first half was so intense and everyone wants to beat each team, and as the game went on, it was a head to head game.  While on the game I already felt something different. At first I was just ignoring it. As game heats up, I’m starting to catch my breath. I thought it was just a normal thing since we are running and moving all the time. Then I start breathing so fast, this time it’s not the usual. Then I ask my team if someone can substitute me for a while, I hurriedly took my medicine and got some water to drink. After a couple of minutes I’m still not relieved, seeing them from a far at the height of the game, I have to leave and go home for I know this might get worst.

As I was going back home, I’m having difficulty in breathing. I’m starting to get anxious. Glad that our house is quite near from the school, and upon reaching home I immediately look for my mom; before I can speak, she knew what had happened. Even I’m not saying anything, she feels my agony, she hurriedly carry me in her arms to the nearest hospital, I know I’m a big kid and I know I’m quite heavy already but I saw my mom’s face full hope that soon will be reaching the hospital.

As we are heading to the hospital she’s telling me to hang on because we are almost there, for everything will be alright. As soon as we arrived at the hospital I was attended right away by a nurse. I know even my mom doesn’t speak; I really feel that she was so worried, as I was nebulizing; my mom from a far was relieved seeing me gradually getting better.

At that time I was scared because I might get scolded by my mom because she never forget to remind me of what I have to do and what should not do. But as soon I got relieved the doctor reminded me to always make sure I will not get involved to any strenuous activities due to my asthma.

Seeing my mom makes feel better. I embraced my mom so tight and ask sorry to her. What I cannot really forget are the words, “you are my only son, and I will always be there for you my son”.  Words that embodied me for who I am now, no matter how far I am to her is how close her in my heart.

I know no matter how far the hospital maybe, no matter how heavy I am, my mom will never leave me, my mom will always beside me, and I will always be her son forever.

Thank you Ma and Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there. You’re truly the world’s No. 1 for us!


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