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Page added on June 28, 2012

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Reinstating gender reassignment surgery

The Pride Calgary team commends the Alberta government and the leadership of Premier Redford and Health Minister Fred Horne for reinstating gender reassignment surgery last week.  Of this Vice President of Pride Calgary, Jason Fraser states, “It IS the right thing to do.  It’s inspiring for us to see the Albertan government moving towards strengthening human rights in this province. This surgery is a medical necessity for trans-people and to have the provincial government acknowledge this, even with the loud voices of dissention in the opposition, is a very big step forward.”

Other big steps forward include Calgary receiving the accolade of “Cultural Capital of Canada”. To the Pride Calgary Board of Directors this honour means that they will plan Calgary’s most fully realized vision of “creative, connected, communities” (as per the Calgary 2012 mandate).  Taking the goals of Calgary 2012 to heart the team is working hard to “raise awareness of the richness of Calgary’s cultural assets” and to “empower celebration and participation in every Calgary community”, in this case especially, the LGBTQA community.  Part of these initiatives will include helping Calgary’s LGBTQA community build a stronger sense of identity within the city.

Pride Calgary President Dallas Barnes states, “We have worked tirelessly throughout the year to make sure that Pride 2012 is the best yet.”   This weekend part of that tireless work included heading up to Edmonton Pride to hear Premier Alison Redford’s address and celebrate the newest human rights victory for trans-people.  The team was also curious to see if Wildrose Party Leader Danielle Smith would appear to support Pride as alleged although she opposed the provincial government’s reinstatement of gender reassignment surgery.  Although Smith did not appear at the event, when it comes to having the support of political leaders Barnes asserts, “For Calgarians and Albertans to ‘play’ the diversity ‘game’, we must empower our allies. Allies are people who are wildly supportive and onboard with our cause AND people who may disagree or have resistance to what we are up to.  Many of us are motivated by the nay-sayer ally to take a stronger stand for what we believe and are even more empowered to use our voices in the face of dissonance.  There is no question that this year Pride Calgary is sending out a call for action to engage and activate this city’s allies and the entire LGBTQA community.”

Although all official Pride Calgary details will not be released until July Barnes affirms, “We are encouraging the entire community, along with our allies to really make a difference in this year’s Calgary Pride. Pride is nothing without our community and we insist on being inclusive. The Pride team is working hard to ensure that we are empowering celebration and participation within Calgary’s LQBTQA community.  Starting now we are asking that all Calgarians take some time to consider what Pride means to you and get ready to showcase your pride by joining our celebration of diversity in September.”

The Calgary Pride 2012 Parade is Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 12 PM beginning at Olympic Plaza and heading west down Stephen Avenue to Shaw Millennium Park (free).  Shaw Millennium Park is the official location for the Pride Calgary Street Festival, which will take place from 12 PM – 6 PM and feature music, dancing, community booths and a beer garden (free entrance).

ABOUT PRIDE CALGARY: Mission Statement
Pride Calgary Planning Committee is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote awareness and understanding of Calgary’s LGBTQA community. They celebrate our shared community history, courage and diversity through our annual Pride Parade & Pride Festival Events.  Pride Calgary plans, hosts and fundraises throughout the year to bring these events to our community.


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