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    Hello dear readers, Time flies so fast when life is so busy.  24 hours in a day is not enough for most people with all the things that they have to deal with in a day.  But we should never forget that we should get at least 8 hours of sleep at night in order to [...]

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Page added on September 29, 2012

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The Other Side

With summer half over now we already have some great memories to cherish, as well as many more on the way. We were only home long enough to feed Kitty and maybe work a day here and there. Due to time and space constraints, I will just list some of the places we visited this month and strongly recommend that you Google any of them or check out the great photos in our 321 Albums on Facebook. They are all within a couple hours of Calgary and they are an alternative to the usual Banff/Lake Louise/Drumheller trips that so many people keep going on. These ones are rarely busy and more affordable, even FREE! All it takes is to gas up the car, pack a picnic lunch, grab the camera and bring lotsa Friends! Several trips can be combined in the same day as our sun is still up quite late. I suggest the following places: Troll Falls, Hamilton Falls, Emerald Lake, Silverton Falls, Wapta Falls, Widow Maker Rapids, Canmore Hoodoos, Grotto Canyon, Bassano Dam, Crowfoot Ferry, Blackfoot Crossing Park, Sheep River Falls, Frank Lake/High River, Natural Bridge, Lundbreck Falls and Takakkaw Falls. No doubt you have never heard of some of these places but after you see them you will have a better appreciation of the beauty God has given us!

Closer to home, people are still buzzing about the great show put on by Team Philippines at GlobalFest, including Stage performances by Calgary’s best Filipino talents. Looking forward, I hope you are able to join us on a Sunday afternoon, September 16, to enjoy more of these talented people while helping out our Kabayans back home who have again been hit by severe flooding. Another fun event September 28 is the UC Idol 2012, with the beautiful and talented Ms. Laurie Callao in a rare competition for her. A charity event for the Canadian Cancer Society, your $15 ticket gets you the show, food, raffles and much more! With the list down to 6 Finalists, we know Laurie will make us proud! Your Vote at the show WILL make a difference!

Speaking of Voting, I would like to again thank those 182 Friends who voted for wife Ludy’s entry in my company’s Photo Contest, easily surpassing 2nd place’s 117 Votes. Congratulations, great photo Ludy!

So I am hoping a few days that are cool do not faze you and that you can still get out and enjoy our days before the real cold weather arrives. In a normal year we still have until the end of October to get outside. Life is too short to be inside all the time. Enjoy the short life we have been given!



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