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Page added on February 28, 2013

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“It is our family, and this river is the reason why we keep on smiling”

“It is our family, and this river is the reason why we keep on smiling” thumbnail

By: Glynn Galla

Probably the most priceless thing that we can have each day is to smile. The thing that we all know that we have, but not all can have it every time. A feeling of calmness, a feeling of peacefulness is usually we can associate with it.

One of the things that I loved the most is having my morning walk to our small town back home in the Philippines. It was my vacation at that time when one day I decided to stroll down to the river; cold morning breeze, the crowing sound of the rooster, and sun’s rays that starting to radiate throughout the atmosphere are things that could really make your day a SMILING DAY. Reminiscing the past, recalling the old times as I was walking to the same path years ago. The big tree of the Acacia and the nipa hut of Mang Poro are still there on your way down to the river. I could remember the old times that I and my sister are having a walk and ending up on the riverside, watching the river flows freely as the sound of pristine waters splashing.

As I’m enjoying the scenic view down to the river, I hear little voices giggly laughing from a far. As I’m getting nearer to the river, I can gradually see two kids playing at the riverside splashing water to each other. I greeted them, “Good Morning!” and they replied “Good Morning too!” I smiled at them and ask them, “Looks like you really enjoy the waters?”  The little girl answer, we are just taking bath and will be ready soon for school.

I let them do their thing while watching them. The river was calm and safe enough for the two kids to have their routine. Then suddenly the memories of me and my sister flashes back, that once we play in this simple yet memorable place for us. It really got me when the little girl’s brother carries her at his back and I hurriedly took a photo of them as soon as they glance at my lens. It’s like telling me something that, to smile is not so hard to have, it just somewhere around the corner waiting for you to wear it.

From a distance, someone was calling them and I found out it was their mother telling them to get off so they can get ready for school. I ask them why they are so happy and smiling all the time. They look each other and told me that, “It is our family and this river why we keep on smiling”. You could really tell how these little kids are very innocent with their expression. The smile that is so genuine and angelic is truly priceless that money can’t really buy.

As the kids had to go, I smiled. It brought peaceful feeling to me, thinking that you don’t have to be rich; you don’t have to be famous for you to wear a smile each day like those kids at the river. The simplicity of their lives and the contentment of what they have is enough to bring joy and smile to those children.  Truly small happiness comes with a big smile.


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