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    by C.K. Now that winter is over and spring had finally sprung, it’s time to spend more outdoors than indoor activities.  I’m  sure that even the pets we have wants to wonder around in this wonderful weather.  I just got a glimpse of the crocuses on our rock garden and a few perennials  coming back from [...]

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Page added on August 28, 2013

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The Other Side

Now that our summer has officially arrived (August-September in Alberta) the roads and highways are getting busier. We read in the big papers about the accidents and carnage on the streets but what scares me is the close calls, some of which the drivers don’t even recognize! I only hope that those with very little driving experience (less than 20 years in Canada), can learn quick enough to stay alive and avoid becoming a statistic and causing themselves and others much pain and suffering.

In a month that had many trips around the province, numerous parties, events and celebrations, it is hard to pinpoint the highlight. Our favorite had to be the weekend traveling to Jasper with the YOSAC seniors group. Not concerned with much of what goes on around them – the media continually reports only negative news – they only want to get out, see our beautiful country and just thank God for being alive. If only others could follow their example our world would have less negative, attention seeking crybabies whining about how bad things are. Our seniors still have much to share and contribute to this world.

This next month, to compensate for the over crowded, well known tourist destinations, we will travel to lesser known areas and parks. In the city we also have the Pinoy Times sponsored Globalfest event, the Mary Kate Aquino Concert August 30, as well as the much anticipated KASAYAHAN on September 7. With our best weather usually in September, it is a good time to get out and see more, for less. Many areas in B.C. promote off-season rates, the highways are quieter and safer, the temperatures are warm, and the mosquitoes have full bellies. It’s a good time to use our vacation days.

In closing, I hope you can enjoy the next few months to the fullest! Your life is what you make it and not the result of circumstances or any other poor excuse people come up with. If you want a better job or career, the only thing stopping you is – YOU! Put the energy you use for complaining and making excuses towards EFFORT. Frequently it boils down to a lack of education, experience and good communication skills. Canada is one of the last countries in the world that you can control your own destiny – don’t miss the opportunity!



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