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Page added on December 22, 2013

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Give Back and Give Thanks

By Glynn Galla

Today, Sunday a very nice day, though it’s quite gloomy it didn’t rain here in the south. I wake up so early in the morning because I had worked related training. The training is held in the main store in downtown.

As I was on the train, it wasn’t as busy because it was Sunday, going downtown is nice and beautiful, not too much people and weather was just a right in its coldness.

When I pass by the stampede area you could never tell that this city was in a state of calamity before, and as I’m taking off the train on the first street station, I didn’t realize how colder it was.

I thought the bus that I will take is there right away, but I have to wait for another 20 minutes. Good thing while I’m waiting I did grasp a Wi-Fi connection so I was good until the 6:30 am bus arrived.

While riding the bus, you can see the street clear with all busy people walking. Still cold, I get off the bus and walk for a bit to the store for training.

I didn’t realize that the training will only take 3 straight hours, not as fun though, but very helpful for my work. As soon as I’m finished with my training, I bought a breakfast, went out from the store and instead taking the bus back to the train station, I decided to take for a little walk.

Right off from the block, the sun’s rays really shines out all throughout. As I was walking downtown street, memories like 4 years ago flashes back like wind timeline.

The time when I was working in downtown, new to the place, I was just trying to keep my phase and thinking what kind of fortune awaits for me, and now 4 years later, walking on the same street with different aspirations now.

Not too far from where I was walking, I came across with a man, asking for some spare change, maybe he was asking to buy breakfast, without thinking twice, my reflexes was so fast to hand my breakfast sandwich that I was holding. “Take this” those are the only words that I uttered that time and smiled. As soon as I gave my breakfast sandwich I felt an unusual feeling of happiness, an inner happiness that money can’t buy.

I never forget that it’s Sunday and it’s my Sunday obligation too at that church. Timing indeed after reaching the center street I make to a point that I can join the Mass at St. Francis of Assisi Church.

I really feel good when you hear the words of God, give back and give thanks. A feeling of righteousness that no matter how busy you are No matter how occupied you maybe don’t forget to Give Back and Give Thanks.


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