Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

    by CK This morning when I woke up, I noticed that some leaves in our tree in the backyard are starting to turn yellow and I told myself, what an early sign.  For sure we have our nice days numbered as Fall is soon approaching.  I love the color of Fall because it feels so refreshing [...]

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NEWS FROM March 2015


WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING ABOUT “Crazy Beautiful You” thumbnail

“Daniel Padilla shows genuine talent in Crazy Beautiful You; Kathryn Bernardo appears ready for more mature roles. The chemistry between the two central characters threads on familiar waters, and is mostly carried by Padilla’s powerful screen presence and natural charm.  Padilla assumes the mantle well, showing off a kind of luster similar to his uncle Robin [...]

Living with Asthma

Living with Asthma thumbnail

You can limit the impact asthma has on your child’s life by learning about asthma and learning how you can help your child follow his or her asthma action plan.

Learn about asthma and see your doctor

Educate yourself and your child about asthma. Asthma education programs provided by certified asthma educators (CAEs) are available in [...]

Buying A Home

Buying A Home thumbnail

Tig’s Corner

Tig’s Corner thumbnail

Patronized Your Own by:  Tigs Tiglao
The present rise of business interest in our community is laudable. This was our dream when there were just a few of us around. What we are seeing today indeed bequeaths a happy feeling. We were disheartened for quite sometime for failing to keep pace with the cultural community’s march [...]

Concert Review

Concert Review thumbnail

Joey G of Side A with Cooky Chua Live in Calgary
by Roberto Ugaddan

Who wouldn’t know the name Joey G of Side A? The  frontman  of Side A a Filipino pop band formed in 1985 who gained recognition in the Filipino music scene in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, best known for their hit single “Forevermore”.
The Filipinos [...]

The Other Side

The Other Side thumbnail

by Steve & Ludy Tarzwels
I was recently interviewed about living in Calgary and how I liked living here. Of course I love this city and chose it as my home, as opposed to many who just ended up here somehow. Another question asked was how have things changed since I arrived here, some 20 years [...]

Loving And Forgiving

Loving And Forgiving thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar

Many Christian denominations are  currently observing  Lent, a Christian festival, which solemnly begun on Ash Wednesday.  The ashes we.received, marked on our foreheads , are signs of mortality and repentance so we return to our loving God.
As Christians we believe  Jesus came into the  earthly world to live and die [...]

Kuya Bong’s Kusina

Kuya Bong’s Kusina thumbnail

Health Benefits of Cinnamon
The aroma that cinnamon adds to any dish will certainly entice anyone. Aside from the luring scent, this also has an exquisite added flavor that makes the dish or baked product even more delicious. Do you know that cinnamon is more than just another spice that enhances recipes? Are you aware of [...]