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Loving And Forgiving

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar

Many Christian denominations are  currently observing  Lent, a Christian festival, which solemnly begun on Ash Wednesday.  The ashes we.received, marked on our foreheads , are signs of mortality and repentance so we return to our loving God.
As Christians we believe  Jesus came into the  earthly world to live and die for us in order that our sins might be forgiven and we would be restored to an intimate relationship with God through Him. What God gives us freely He expects us to also give freely to others.  Because we have received God’s forgiveness we can also forgive others who sin against us or harm us in any way.
What happens if we don’t forgive?  If we don’t forgive we will be miserable  and our soul will be tainted with the malignancy of bitterness.  The reality about life is  that we won’t go through life and never get hurt, wounded or offended.  Not only other people but  experience tells us that life isn’t  fair; it’s filled with injustices.  However, we can be free from the pain of these hurts by just letting them go and trust God to be our Vindication and bring justice to our lives.
The roots of unforgiveness  are very dangerous. They grow and take hold deep within us.  When we are wronged, we are convinced that someone must be punished.  We want to be paid back for the hurt we have endured.   Many of us forget that  only God can pay us back and He will, if we trust Him, and if we forgive our enemies as He had told us to do. The price we pay to hang on to our bitter feelings is not worth it.  Unforgiving does have devastating effects to our well-being, so do yourself a favor… Forgive! Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful gifts that God offers us, and when we are willing to give it to others, it adds beauty, peace, joy and power to our own lives.
Faith works and is energized by love (Gal.5:6) meaning faith has no power where love is lacking. “I can’t be selfish and happy simultaneously,” declared Joyce Meyer.  The truth is: the ability to love people is hindered when we stay angry and refuse to forgive.  Love is the greatest thing in the world; without it our lives have no flavor and no meaning. They are dull and tasteless and we are locked in prisons of selfishness. The Bible teaches us to put on love. “Above all that you put on, put on love (Col.3:14). ” It simply means that love is something we prepare for and do on purpose. What good is love that remains still or inactive.  It is meaningless.  It got to be manifested in order to experience the capacity to love and be loved to its utmost. Let us set our minds and keep it set to live a life of Love. May our loving ripple out into the world in ever expanding circles. As Daphne Ross Kingma had eloquently wrote,”In the end, nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved  one another.”
Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar is the current president of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Alberta (UPAAA). All UP graduates and all individuals who attended UP (in any campus of the UP system) for two years are invited and encouraged to join the newly revitalized organization. Kindly visit for more information.


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