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Page added on June 16, 2016

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Horoscope for the Month of June

Horoscope for the Month of June thumbnail

Aries – In June you can move confidently in the right direction and successfully complete the things that you started in 2015, or at the beginning of this year. Other events are still pending and, but they will be in your favor or part of your success. Despite doubts and concerns, you will be able to take or receive money that you are entitled to and that you were promised and which you earned through your work and effort. Aries ladies will become concerned because of events associated with personal belongings (loss or damage), or domestic problems that you can not solve it by yourself. Be careful with personal purchases this month, as well as with more expensive investment.

Taurus – Those of you who are changing their work this month will have a favorable wind behind them in their new venture, new career or training. There is a possibility that you will rise in the company, the company where you work now, or it may involve the assignment to you of new bigger responsibilities. An young woman will bother you with their behavior and decisions taken recently. It could be your daughter,a relative or close friend, generally, a person who has special significance for you. A life drama in the lives of people you know personally will create emotional discomfort, but also will be a cause for very serious reflection on some life truths that we forget when we are immersed in our daily lives.

Gemini – In June an unexpected financial relationship may arise with a man who is not currently known to you or is generally someone with whom you currently have no contacts of a financial nature. You can invest a little money in something new or unfamiliar and be happy with more than investing profits. You will be glad of financial success of your spouse or intimate partner.  Someone may return previously given or borrowed money, that was provided as a service.  This month it will be important to be realistic, not to be fooled by illusions and the expectations of those whose inability to implement at this stage may be a reason for your disappointment.

Cancer – During June most Cancer men will try to iron out some contradictions in their family or solve problems they have in their personal and love lives. For single Cancer men, it’s a favourable time to start a new romantic relationship. Women will have a dynamic communication with women mainly from other cities or countries that may be associated with family or professional matters and events. An important suggestion or news will come to you which will be connected with a woman. In June, some important decisions will need to be made related to your family. Unfortunately there will be some cases that will be finalized involving a family separation through divorce. Joyful events or festivals will be held associated with a younger brother or sister, child or grandchild.
There is likely to be a childbirth.

Leo – June will be a month that will bring pleasant emotions in some way connected with travel or people from afar.  Many will use their vacation now, but others will use the weekends to go somewhere and enjoy the summer. Joyful news or events will be enjoyed by Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces people who live far away from you.  You may now visit each other or meet for some reason or cause these people. In your thoughts you will have concerns and worries related to Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn people, but this month will show that you  worry excessively about things that actually will develop in the best way for you. There will be a successful completion of a major problem involving such people.
Unexpectedly, you will cancel a purchase and you will be free from engagement with material things in your life for which you have the impression that they affect you negatively, hinder your development, they lock you in without the possibility of development.

Virgo – During June, 2016 you will have contacts and will have visits and meetings with people from your family, or with people who have some relationship to your family. Whether you like it or not, they will bring some turmoil or confusion to your everyday life, and to some extent they will bring problems with them. Events in the life of a young woman who is your friend, colleague or classmate will be cause for sadness, frustration or emotional pain. You may be surprised by money from a young man or you will receive important news of a financial nature from such person. In June you may have dynamic communication by telephone or mail with people born under the signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. You may receive important news or information, an offer or an invitation from people from afar.

Libra – Above all, now you during June you have to overcome and to find a way to deal with a troubling or a delicate relationship that you have with a woman. She is probably your relative or a woman in a high position where you work, a representative of an organization or institution.  Words will hurt you easily, comments, actions of people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, but actually there is nothing underhanded behind their actions. It`s possible, that you create a conflict with someone else because of such a person.  In June you can expect money in your home by a young woman, daughter or granddaughter, or for of them for instance maintenance, scholarship and others.
Financially favorable month for Libra women.  Gathering associated with a woman (birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary) will cause an expense, but not as a gift, but any other special gesture or surprise.  You will need to pay attention to your own health due to a minor health situation, which you will need experience. It will be a sign to take precautions and seek medical advice.

Scorpio – In June you may consider a purchase or sale, which will have some connection to friends, acquaintances, neighbors and others. You will discuss the price, conditions and opportunities associated with belongings, property or commodity. The presence of a boy, a young man in your family or in your professional environment will cause major decisions and events. Changes in your life that may be associated with Gemini, Libra or Aquarius people. Love or family life of your colleagues, business partners can be an occasion for interesting discussions, gatherings, as you yourself have a flirt or a love affair with a person with whom you have professional contact. Actions related to an upcoming engagement or wedding. Possible minor health issues are due to stress and tension in your daily life or a manifestation of panic in a particular situation.

Sagittarius – During June, 2016 meetings will take place connected with an adult relative or relatives. The reason for this can be very different but they will result in gatherings of relatives as friends and neighbors. Invitation for visit from relatives. Expect repair or change in your home.  You will visit a tax, bank or other institution related to a problem or important situation concerning your home. You will discover or anticipate a lie in time and will be able to protect yourself from error or other negative impact. It will be pure luck that you will reveal the actions of someone before they cause harm to you or to someone else. In June you can discuss property issues with relatives and family, and important, urgent actions associated with them. You may need legal advice or an intervention of a lawyer. This will be an important month for your love life with some expected or unexpected signs of future events.

Capricorn – Avoid jealousy during June, 2016 and generally the confrontation with the intimate partner or spouse.  Now, the inflicted insults and emotional wounds will not heal quickly or easily. Particularly complex may be your relationship if you have a partner born under the sign of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. You can expect a gathering momentous occasion related to a boy or young man. Happy event for Capricorn men. You will learn with a delay about a reward, property acquisition or other important event of material nature in a person’s life from your friendly neighborhood. Loss or theft at the home of neighbors or colleagues. Bad news or an event related to a woman/women. The two events (the previous and this) may be connected.

Aquarius – In June, 2016 you will put a lot of ambition and determination in organizing and solving your various actions and plans of financial nature. You will meet with important people or representatives of an institution, possibly a bank. You are aware that it is important to remember this month with concrete successes, not only promises and hopes. You may be obtaining money by a specific person or through a bank. Conflict may arise with a man who may be a representative of a judicial or legal institution, the bodies of law or some kind of authoritative body. If you are into a lawsuit you may expect a conflict with a man who might have a different view, a way of seeing things, information from you.

Pisces – This month you will be going to an important meeting, an event which will keep you energized until its moment of realization, implementation. It is possible that you will visit a sick relative, friend, colleague or you will make a visit to the doctor or dentist.
Problems may arise concerning a relative or friend who is born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. It is good to know that trouble will come in June, 2016 will find its solution, probably within the same period. You will have the support of your own  intuition which will guide you to the correct actions and decisions.  You will have the support of the people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Success will come that will set you free from the burden of old problems or unpleasantness  your relationship.


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