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    by CK This morning when I woke up, I noticed that some leaves in our tree in the backyard are starting to turn yellow and I told myself, what an early sign.  For sure we have our nice days numbered as Fall is soon approaching.  I love the color of Fall because it feels so refreshing [...]

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NEWS FROM October 2016

Mister & Miss Canda 2016

Mister & Miss Canda 2016 thumbnail

Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar

Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar thumbnail

Erwinism: Friends, Elegies, and Time 2

Erwinism: Friends, Elegies, and Time 2 thumbnail

By Erwin Maramat
(2 of 2)
When I got to his house, much to my horror, I remember his lifeless face peering out of the casket seemingly reaching out with his unmoving hand asking for help. It was a day of loss; a day for soul searching; and a day of me beholding a reflection of my [...]

Barcelona: A Love Untold By C.K.

Barcelona: A Love Untold By C.K. thumbnail

Barcelona: A Love Untold, is the latest comeback movie of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo under director Olivia Lamasan for the first time.
In the movie, Ely (Daniel) is a student in Barcelona pursuing further studies in Architecture while engaged in three (3) jobs as a tour guide, waiter and photographer to support himself and provide [...]

Boy is not as crazy but remains hungry

Boy is not as crazy but remains hungry thumbnail

As “timeless” as some artists describe themselves, King of Talk Boy Abunda perfectly deserves that adjective. No elaboration needed.
But after an illness that grounded him at the hospital for 16 days two years ago, Boy conceded that he has started to watch his “timetable” and thanks to his TechnoMarine (the latest model, [...]

Direk Joel: Not after awards but box office

Direk Joel: Not after awards but box office thumbnail

To each his own direction.
While some directors keep an eye on awards when making movies, direk Joel Lamangan thinks more of the box office. After all, it’s show business, 50 percent of the former and 50 percent of the latter. If “business” is poor, there won’t be any “show.”
“I want my movies to [...]

Kuya Bong’s Kusina

Kuya Bong’s Kusina thumbnail

Grilled Liver Bistek

Liver might not be the most appetizing ingredient, but there are ways to make this pleasurable. Grilled Liver Bistek is a dish composed of grilled pork liver cooked bistek tagalog style. It is tasty and great with rice.
This is a liver steak with sauce recipe called Grilled Liver Bistek.

1 lb. Pig’s liver
1 medium [...]

Bamboo: The Oven Tour

Bamboo: The Oven Tour thumbnail

By Erwin Maramat
My mind kicked into overdrive when my editor-in-chief invited me to watch Bamboo live, but nothing compares to the fact that she granted my request to interview the generational icon that night. As I entered the concert hall the air was filled with sight and sound particularly that familiar rift which his band [...]

Purposes of life

Purposes of life thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar
“What is the meaning of life? This meaning is not for you to find but for you to define. The meaning of life is found in the purposes that we pursue as we grow older” – Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago
I was in disbelief when I learned about the passing of my idol, [...]

How it all began

How it all began thumbnail

By: Tigs Tidalgo
I was with a group of kababayans in a house party of Elro and Flora Kintanar just barely a month after I arrived. I did open the subject of organizing ourselves into an association. The conversation became serious and at the end decided to go ahead. A group of ten was assigned as [...]

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