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Page added on March 26, 2017

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Your Monthly Horoscope: March, 2017

Love planet Venus goes retrograde this month: Expect things to intensify in your love life and around questions of worth.


You know how to slip out of a tricky situation, Pisces, but there’s no escaping the month ahead! Jupiter exaggerates, overindulges, and goes overboard, just like you, Pisces, at an all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunch. You will have a hard time resisting something (or someone) that is forbidden, and you’ll be at max restlessness and eagerness to be bad.

If you’re feeling uncertain about what needs to shift in your relationships, don’t worry—the light of the full moon will reveal all.


You’ll be anxious to break free from obligations—you’ll want to be free to be able to do what you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. Do you feel sexy, loved, and appreciated? This is on your mind, and you’re taking it seriously. A climax will be reached, a lesson will be taught, and an understanding will be had.

March is about recuperating and getting in touch with your inner voice. On March 4, your ruling planet, Venus, begins its retrograde in Aries, so expect to be in a private, reflective mood. You’ll certainly have some kind of crisis where you’ll freak out about how important something is to you.


Venus wants us all to get along and is all about harmony—but things will intensify during Venus retrograde.  All of Aries season is about connecting with the world around you, Gemini. Changes will be made, and as a result, the truth may spill out. Pluto has a way of digging up what’s been concealed.

Stay flexible early this month; the energy will be unpredictable. Full moons bring things to light, so some juicy news will be on the way. Action is likely to happen. Actually, there is a reason why you’re the crab—you have a tough shell that can protect you from basically anything.


Issues of intimacy will come to the fore, and you’ll be especially sensitive to other people’s emotions. Are you feeling limited, Leo? Is there more for you to see and do in this big world? Of course there is. Secrets will be revealed, minds will be changed, philosophical breakthroughs will be made. Big changes will happen, and action will need to be taken.


Expect to be swept off your feet in a fairy-tale romance! Or maybe expect to be totally confused? This is a powerful time for breaking free from debts, or breaking out of relationships that are costing you too much, financially or emotionally. This full moon will put the spotlight on you, your feelings and desires. This is an important time to think about self-care. The best thing to do at the end of this month is make sure you’re acting with integrity and that you’re not up to any shady business.


Excitement and surprises in your partnerships will pop up early in the month. Venus wants to feel valued, loved, beautiful, and calm—please kick out anyone in your life who isn’t supporting you in these very valid goals! My warning to you is to make sure that whatever choices you make are rooted in integrity.


You need more freedom, and many of the astrological transits this month will support you in figuring out what that looks like. A full moon in Virgo shines on the friendship sector of your chart on March 12, inspiring you to connect. At the end of this month, you will have to face some truths. When Pluto gets caught up in a square, as it will on March 30, you can bet drama will go down in your life.


If you’re feeling tied down, you’ll be especially eager to break free and do your own thing. Shit gets intense when Venus is in retrograde, and you can bet you will go through a powerful period of reflection during this time.March is a major month for figuring out what’s valuable to you, Sagittarius. What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy?

Pisces season is all about endings, so it’s natural for you to be totally emo, but Aries season is the birth of a new cycle.

Being tied down by work, or responsibilities to your family, is stressing you out, but some amazing progress could be made. You’re ruled by the Devil card in the tarot; don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t know how to party. The new moon in Aries lands on March 27, bringing a fresh start to your home life and your sense of safety.


You may need to accept that your phone will ring off the hook this month. Maybe keep it turned off? Issues of sex and intimacy will be highlighted, and you’ll wonder how secure your relationships are. Expect issues you usually stuff down into some dark corner of your soul to come bubbling out.


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