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    July 1st was the 150th Canada Day celebration. It was a very special day for all of us to be a part of this event. I remember 21 years ago how I didn’t have any idea of how my children and I will survive in a new country which will be home to [...]

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Page added on May 21, 2017

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An appeal to Filipinos in Calgary:

I am an optimist to suppose that somehow, we could pull ourselves together. I believe that with our sense of pride and value, we can ably push our community onward to a right direction. We have excellent potential and through vigour and proper arrangement, a turning point is possible.

As people needs it in their lives, our community today surely need it more. I know that we can do it. We just have to believe in ourselves that we are people capable enough to mutually build and realize a  purpose. With this in mind, things will come into shape for the betterment of all. Good intention when pursued seriously in togetherness by devoted people always come out gainful.

A wise man said that life is not solely inscribed by needs alone. There is more to just exist. It may not be our intention when we crossed the ocean, but it is an abiding calling of our instinct to belong. The Filipino community is ours. It is our home. It characterizes us as people and a component in society. We are judged by its conduct and praised by its triumph. It defines us   individually and collectively as people.

It is a puzzle that our community is about half a century old, yet is still learning how to live. It is hurtful that progress though how hard we tried, pessimistic attitude always dragged it down. It has long been a sad story that people already presumed that this business of community building is not really for us. That it is already a dead issue and no one could ever put it to reality anymore.

Well, when things are not at all pretty, even a lie is beautiful. Though this supposition is at times with substance, it is not what we intend. It is true that we want to build our community strong and respected. This effort is not just a punch in the dark. It is real and focused that we may have a turning point someday.

It could be from wounded pride to have gone nowhere for sometime that drives us to try once more.  We have high hopes that with commonality in purpose and seriousness, we could somehow succeed this time around.

Besides, what is there to lose?

Brotherly yours,

Tigs Tidalgo