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Page added on May 21, 2017

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Calgary’s Bridgeland Community

Recently, my wife Ludy and I had reason to carry out business in the Bridgeland Community of Calgary. Seeing as it was a sunny and warm spring evening, we decided to do some exploring. I knew that it had experienced numerous significant changes and additions because of the demolition of the Calgary General Hospital in 1998.

We began our walking tour near and around 1st Avenue and 9th Street N.E. (lots of free parking) after taking care of business. Inside of 3 blocks in any direction from that point there are scores of parks and green spaces, plus remarkable views of downtown and the Bow River Valley. Numerous new condos and apartments have also popped up. The older homes have been skillfully restored and the mature trees indicate that this is not a new neighborhood but a well established part of our city. Alberta Health Services has built a few fancy buildings nearby and there have always been quite a few Senior’s long term care homes in Bridgeland. The commercial area, 1st Avenue, is unique in that throughout the businesses, restaurants and coffee shops there is a sprinkling of accessible Senior’s services such as Doctors, Dentists and Hearing Centres.

Although the Calgary Zoo is within the boundaries of Bridgeland, it continues to gobble up taxpayer’s dollars by the millions, while killing many rare and exotic animals – penguins, stingrays, hippos, 85 talapia fish, a caribou calf, a giant capybara, a corn snake etc. and doesn’t rate any further comment by me.

The beautiful “Tom Campbell’s Hill Natural Park” and the recently rebuilt St. Patrick’s Island Park are also features of Bridgeland but we didn’t visit them this time around. Bridgeland is home to the Langevin Science School with their many stunning murals and the area also has at least 8 historical old church buildings that have been carefully restored and are still in use.

Bridgeland is centrally located, has easy access to downtown and the river valley, a C-Train station and some main streets to get out of town. I was surprised to see that most of the dining choices in the commercial district are of an upper class nature, yet mid range for pricing. No McDonald’s, no Tim Hortons Coffee Shop and only one big name convenience store – makes the 1st Avenue business area great for a stroll and window shopping.

The business we had in Bridgeland was to view, test and check out a new bicycle for my wife. We did that and chose a beauty for her to enjoy. I encourage you to check out “Bike and Brew” at 9th St. and 1st Avenue N.E.. Friendly, knowledgeable sales and service staff plus Ludy and I enjoyed specialty coffees and baked goods while she made her decision.

While finding my wife’s Birthday/Mother’s Day/Anniversary gift, we had a scenic walk throughout a really nice part of Calgary. Bridgeland, with its’ many murals, well kept homes and gardens, easy parking and access to everything you need in life – is one of Calgary’s best unknown communities!

We have a big, beautiful and most interesting city. Explore it today!

Steve Tarzwell


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