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Living a Sacred Life

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar

“Heaven and earth are in us” – Mahatma Gandhi

What exactly is sacred living? ” It is aligning our lives with the rhythm of the Earth and recognizing that those rhythms are sacred,” said Robin Lysne. It is living in the knowledge that we are part of something larger than ourselves. It is being grateful for life while we live it. We were born BY God’s purpose and FOR God’s purpose. For everything, whether visible and invisible, whether above and below, everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him. God wants us to be moving forward with Him – one step at a time. He wants to show us His goodness and He desires to be part of our everyday life. He wants to give us His Holy best.

Sacred living is choosing to forgive those who have hurt, demean, and wronged us. It is an everyday thing for the rest of our lives. Forgiving is an act of faith. Jesus said, “pray for your enemies and never say an unkind thing about them.” When we choose to follow the path of forgiveness, we will experience the peace and joy that come through obeying Jesus’ words.

Sacred living is caring for those who have little or nothing. Advocating generosity towards such people preserves the moral teaching of Jesus that all should be able to live with their basic needs met not because they get what they deserve but because they are human beings. Certainly we can’t help everyone, but we can help someone. Besides, there are people whom God has put in our path who are connected to our destiny. Isn’t life so much more rewarding when we realize we can be the answer to somebody’s prayer? If we can lift the fallen and we can restore the broken? As we help others rise higher, we will rise higher. As we meet their needs, God will meet our needs.

Scared living is loving unconditionally. Love is a constant essence and a constant state of presence within life. Tell someone you love them. Don’t wait for tomorrow to tell your loves ones that you care. Today is all you have. On his deathbed essay,

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, said, “God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth. Love can travel a thousand miles. Treasure love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends.”

Sacred living is living in an inspired way. Many people are praying for a miracle. Become a miracle. “If you will become a miracle, God will always make sure that you have the miracles that you need,” declared Joel Osteen. And that’s what it says, too, in Proverbs: ” When you refresh others, you will be refreshed.” If you want your dream to come to pass, help somebody else’s dream come to pass. Take time to invest in others; the seeds you sow will always come back to you.

Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar is the past president of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Alberta (UPAAA) from 2012-2015. Currently, she is the Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee of the Holy Trinity Parish. She also chairs the Holy Trinity CWL Council Committee on Legislation and Resolutions.


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