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Ours and ours to keep

By:  RI Tidalgo

Sometimes, we have our feeling of sadness. It is not on what we’ve done, but on what we didn’t do. We are on the same boat and the prospect to common gain is supposedly the same. We try to find for excuses to absolve our weakness, but it always bounce back with redeeming pretension that as a people, we are different.

Maybe, we are. We are individuals in a free country and not an automaton to simply accept willingly to what is dictated. At this stage, we are not even certain if this is correct. It could just be something to quantify and justify our shortcoming. Although we maintain the premise that what is good for the gander is also good for the goose, we still are pondering if this is the right pathway to take. We had been the fabled hare racing the turtle where the fast running rabbit lost because it spent so much time enjoying the shade of the tree.

Thirty five yrats ago, a Filipino Business Council was organized in Calgary. It had a good start, but it didn’t last long. The idea was good and the intention was noble. We had fun in putting it up, but it folded because we were not that many then. It was kind of a wishful thinking for the future when our community is big enough to venture gainfully into entrepreneurial challenges.

Today is the ideal time. We have all the right ingredients. It however needs a group to do it. A wing of the Filipino Community Association in the city is sufficient enough to do it. The introduction of the “Triple “P”Initiative may allow an edge for our local businesses to presently compete in the marketplace.

The first ‘P’ is to promote:

An awareness campaign should be continuously promoted to encourage our community members to trust and rely on products and services of our local businesses. They are as good as any and the price and quality are about all the same. We could endorse and uphold  the ‘bayang magiliw’ relationship and the ‘atin-atin ito’ concept. We are the biggest community by population and in essence, a sizable consumer’s base to favour competition. It is in this regard where we strongly ask our community members to trust and utilize our own Filipino businesses.

The second ‘P’ is to patronize:

We shall adopt into practice the Filipino First Policy. When everything is about the same in price and quality, we should grant our Filipino entrepreneurs our first choice. This is all they want. It is a valid request. There is nothing to lose. Their products and services are competitive and their success in business will eventually push our community to flourish. This is what other major cultural communities are doing. It is not an indication of weakness to do likewise.

The third ‘P’ is to protect:

It is not only in the area of supporting and utilizing Filipino businesses and trades that our community is involved. The rights and well being of consumers will be safeguarded from insidious underhanded entrepreneurs. SR Remit scenario was a good example. Our Community Association will have an open eye on Filipino trades, shops and establishments whose unbecoming conduct and practices are disgraceful and harmful. It will device ways to protect our community from inappropriate business practices.

We are people molded by common heritage. We crossed the ocean with barely courage and aptitude to seek for betterment. We shall imply righteous manners to society without discarding the very nature of our being. This is not easy, but it is necessary.

It is definitely unrealistic to forget that we are Filipinos wherein mutual affection is abounded. The world may turn upside down and regardless of where we are, we can not deny loyalty towards the land that gave us life and grace. It is our binding tie and it can’t be easily broken. We stay together as family with shared cognisance towards responsibility and harmony.

We trust on reality that ‘bayanihan’ spirit’ is always in our heart. Helping one another, though at times weaken by rigours of the day, is still a component of our nature. Our intention is not to disturb and neither to intrude, but to awaken our thoughts that it is in us together that we improve. We therefore ask a moment of your time to think on how to make better our community.

It is our very own.


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