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Page added on September 25, 2019

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Cplan Supermodel World Finals

Cplan Supermodel World Finals thumbnail

All good things must come to an end and all roads lead to glory. With hearts beating at an accelerated pace, the day of the epic culmination which spawned from all the demanding preparation was upon everyone. The place was abuzz as the contestants gave their all for the training day finale and at nightfall the place erupted with gleeful cheers of people who were rooting for their favorites. Commercial print models opened up the ceremony, followed by the acknowledgement of organizers who made the event possible. Next each of the contestants graced everyone as they took the catwalk in their vibrant national costumes, then the swim wear competition commenced. After the spellbinding performance from the local artist came the moment everybody was waiting for; the awarding. Here is the result of the recent C Plan/Kids Supermodels 2019:

Talent Competition

1. Mini (3~6 years old)


Winner Bulgaria/Mongolia

Gold Award Botswana


Silver Award Russia

Bronze Award Canada/Korea

2. Little (7~10 years old )


Winner Estonia

1st Runner up


2nd Runner up


Gold Award Philippines

Silver Award

Siberia/ Myanmar/Thailand

Bronze Award



2nd Runner up India

Silver Award


Bronze Award Nepal

3. Pre Teen (11~16 years old)


Winner Estonia

1st Runner up


2nd Runner up


Gold Award USA

Silver Award

Portugal/Nepal/ Canada

Bronze Award



Winner Philippines

2nd Runner up Canada

Silver Award Nepal

Bronze Award


Overall every participant was a winner, taking home the unforgettable experience and the lessons learned. It was not an easy road, but for what it’s worth; it was an adventure more than it was a competition. Everyone hopes that the next one will be as big, if not bigger, but that’s another story we can’t wait to hear.

Pinoy Times: How did the children feel before the competition?

The kids feel so excited because it’ll be the very first international competition that most of them will be joining, except for Allysha. They feel nervous at the same time determined to practice their talents and catwalk with the support and guidance of their family friends and most especially, their parents more and more.  They were also in an awe when they saw how big and long the runway stage will be and how many countries that will be participating.

Pinoy Times: How did the children feel before the competition?

The kids was overwhelmed with excitement as they were participating in an international competition for the first time, save for Allysha. They felt edgy yet were determined to practice knowing their families have their back.

Pinoy Times: How would do they think would help in their in their character development?

I helped them in building their self-confidence further; taught them the value of sportsmanship, and also broaden their knowledge and learning which extends beyond modelling. The experienced opened their eyes to the diversity of cultures and traditions of different countries. The experience also allowed them to further refine their public speaking. Jerich, a four-year-old contestant was passionate in recounting his experience. Allysha who tends to be soft-spoken learned to assert herself in speaking publicly, she does so recently with clarity and an air of confidence.

Pinoy Times: What steps did they take to prepare for this competition?

Angeleanna Shymanski ‘s parents ordered her national costumes and evening gown from the Philippines. Gabe rented his from Eff Alagadan and his family while it was his uncle who designed his formal wear. Jerich’s national costume was sponsored by a Filipino designer and reknowned make-up artist, Varian Rodriguez. Jerich and his mom helped each other in picking his costumes and outfits. Derek and his dad organized and designed his national costume. Allysha’ s gowns were borrowed from friends and we just reused her gowns used from previous competitions. Her national costume was borrowed from Mildred Modar and it was modified by her mom.  The kids’ independently developed there talents with their family and friends guiding them.The kids also practiced their catwalks on their with the supervision of Milton Salinas, a runway and pageant coach from the Philippines, the night before the Final competition.

Pinoy Times: What valuable lessons did they garner from this competition?

Sportsmanship- to appreciate, to feel grateful and celebrate every winning moments, and graciously accept defeat and to do better/ best in the next door opened competition and learn how to make it better.

Time Management- be able to get ready and be on time in every scheduled event.  Even when the event finished at 10 at night and be able to wake up at 6am to get ready, prepare and hop in for the day’s schedule.

Optimism- maintaining a positive outlook despite an unfavorable circumstance. Hardwork – by doing their best on stage

Honesty – is still the best policy, you don’t win it, don’t own it.

Respect– treating everyone with positive behaviour and accommodate/ include diversity

Teamwork- the winnings of one is the winning of all! Encourage each and everyone.

Dedication and commitment

Role Model- be a good example to others. Get involved in the community. Become a mentor and an influencer.

Confidence – always smile and be yourself!

Fight for It! – “…When the going gets tough, the tough gets going….”


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