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  • Publisher’s Note

    by CK This morning when I woke up, I noticed that some leaves in our tree in the backyard are starting to turn yellow and I told myself, what an early sign.  For sure we have our nice days numbered as Fall is soon approaching.  I love the color of Fall because it feels so refreshing [...]

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Erwinism: On the Same Page

Erwinism: On the Same Page thumbnail

By Erwin D. Maramat
The discovery of fire did not only mean kebobs for the early humans, somewhere in time, a man was sitting around the fire and got bored, stood up and said, “Man, I’m bored. I’m going to get a tablet and invent a writing system so I can document how I wrestled with [...]

Beyond Postcard

Beyond Postcard thumbnail

By: Tigs Tidalgo
He struggles for things we take for granted. He worries how to clothes and shelters his family. There are times when he wonders where to get the next meal. He is a small farmer in the barrio. The harvest is few weeks away and the list he owes at the corner store is [...]

Instrument of Faith, Hope and Love

Instrument of Faith, Hope and  Love thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar
“Miracles happen to those who believe in them” – Bernard Berenson
My stories are about faith, hope, and love, answered prayers, healing and divine intervention. These powerful stories deepen and strengthen our faith and give all of us great hope.
Two thousand years ago, Jesus performed wonderful deeds. His wondrous acts show [...]

Erwinism: Art of the Gain

Erwinism: Art of the Gain thumbnail

By Erwin D. Maramat
Every now and then I get personal messages and emails from some of my friends on Facebook seeking my thoughts on their personal matters. Instead of a letter format, I’m just going to concisely elaborate some of them and answer them. Disclaimer: I’m as human as you are and I claim no [...]

Living a Sacred Life

Living a Sacred Life thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar
“Heaven and earth are in us” – Mahatma Gandhi
What exactly is sacred living? ” It is aligning our lives with the rhythm of the Earth and recognizing that those rhythms are sacred,” said Robin Lysne. It is living in the knowledge that we are part of something larger [...]

Teardrops of the poor

Teardrops of the poor thumbnail

By: Tigs Tidalgo
It was a beautiful day. The scenery was typical rural Philippines. We had a meeting with barrio folks to implement a livelihood project financed by the Philippine Rural Economic Social Assistance Foundation, a charitable association based in Calgary. With presupposed knowledge of the meeting, about 200 people came. The unexpected attendance compelled us [...]

10 habits that distinguish dumb people from smart ones. I would never have expected No. 9!

10 habits that distinguish dumb people from smart ones. I would never have expected No. 9! thumbnail

Are you actually smarter than you thought…?
To find out, you don’t have to take a whole IQ test. If you have the following ten habits, you can count yourself as one of the brainy people.
You should consider one thing first though: it’s not always an advantage to be smarter than those around you
1. [...]

Erwinism: Woes of an Indigo Flamingo

Erwinism: Woes of an Indigo Flamingo thumbnail

By Erwin Maramat
Pessimism is being optimistic that things will go wrong all the time. This a tumultuous, terrifying tale of a trip of an indescribable indigo flamingo.
ast side of the lake, but poverty. Fish don’t even go there for a visit even if water was to dry up on the other side of the lake. [...]

Kindness Gives Back

Kindness Gives Back thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar
“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe from the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana
What is the best way to make oneself feel great?  Do a random act of kindness for someone.  According to scientific studies, “doing [...]

The Door Again

The Door Again thumbnail

By: Tigs Tidalgo
When I wrote something about doors in the past, I meant it as metaphoric figure of speech to emphasize something of a gateway towards a direction. This time is entirely different for the door I am talking about is simply an ordinary structure where people get in or out the building.
What I am [...]

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