Publisher's Note

  • Publisher’s Note

    July 1st was the 150th Canada Day celebration. It was a very special day for all of us to be a part of this event. I remember 21 years ago how I didn’t have any idea of how my children and I will survive in a new country which will be home to [...]

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Page added on March 25, 2010

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1. Paid Subscriptions

For information about how to start a subscription, please call (403) 992-4807 or email to to request for an order form.  You can also report a problem with delivery, stop your service during a vacation, or for other customer service questions,  please call us at (403) 992-4807.

Subscription Rates – 1 Year – 12 Issues
Canada: $ 24.00 CAD plus GST, Total $ 25.20CAD
USA: $ 32.00CAD or $28.00 USD
Payment Options: Cheque or Money Order payable to PINOY TIMES

Please note all prices include postage and package.

2)  Pick up the free copy- from our different distribution sites in the Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton.


The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient
Ingredients to satisfy most of our tastebuds

Views & Opinions

Views & Opinions
Different views and opinions

Maikling Kuwento Atbp

Maikling Kuwento Atbp
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