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  • Publisher’s Note

    by CK This morning when I woke up, I noticed that some leaves in our tree in the backyard are starting to turn yellow and I told myself, what an early sign.  For sure we have our nice days numbered as Fall is soon approaching.  I love the color of Fall because it feels so refreshing [...]

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NEWS FROM July 2017

Erwinism: Art of the Gain

Erwinism: Art of the Gain thumbnail

By Erwin D. Maramat
Every now and then I get personal messages and emails from some of my friends on Facebook seeking my thoughts on their personal matters. Instead of a letter format, I’m just going to concisely elaborate some of them and answer them. Disclaimer: I’m as human as you are and I claim no [...]

Living a Sacred Life

Living a Sacred Life thumbnail

By Consuelo (Chit) E. Munar
“Heaven and earth are in us” – Mahatma Gandhi
What exactly is sacred living? ” It is aligning our lives with the rhythm of the Earth and recognizing that those rhythms are sacred,” said Robin Lysne. It is living in the knowledge that we are part of something larger [...]

ABS-CBN is most awarded TV Network at the 15TH PHILIPPINE QUILL AWARDS

ABS-CBN is most awarded TV Network at the 15TH PHILIPPINE QUILL AWARDS thumbnail

ABS-CBN emerged as the most awarded TV network and Company of the Year 1st runner-up at the 15th Philippine Quill Awards with a total of 21 recognitions from the country’s highest and most comprehensive awards in business communication given by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines.
Leading the winners from the Kapamilya network is [...]

Teardrops of the poor

Teardrops of the poor thumbnail

By: Tigs Tidalgo
It was a beautiful day. The scenery was typical rural Philippines. We had a meeting with barrio folks to implement a livelihood project financed by the Philippine Rural Economic Social Assistance Foundation, a charitable association based in Calgary. With presupposed knowledge of the meeting, about 200 people came. The unexpected attendance compelled us [...]

Food Allergies

Food Allergies thumbnail

What is a food allergy?
When you have a food allergy, your body thinks certain foods are trying to harm you. Your body fights back by setting off an allergic reaction. In most cases, the symptoms are mild—a rash or an upset stomach. A mild reaction is no fun, but it isn’t dangerous. A serious [...]

Citizenship Bill Receives Royal Assent

Citizenship Bill Receives Royal Assent thumbnail

June 19, 2017 – Ottawa, ON – Today, Bill C-6, an Act to amend the Citizenship Act and make consequential amendments to another Act, received Royal Assent.
Changes to the Citizenship Act reflect the Government’s commitments to streamline the citizenship process, enhance program integrity, and repeal certain provisions of the Act that treated dual citizens differently [...]